Packing is not really a strong suit of mine. I’m one of those people who overpack because I’m over-decisive. However, a road trip was a different ball game. Continue reading

In the midst of winter, wearing bright colours in a season that is known to be gloomy can really cheer one up – and for some other reason, pink has been the accent that has drawn my attention. Continue reading

As an explorer trying to uncover hidden gems in my beautiful city, sometimes you end up on dusty roads and, secluded places so being fashionable is not on the radar. Continue reading

You might be thinking, “What the heck is up with the title, Superficial?”  HA! It all started with something I said to a colleague that got me thinking that this is a topic I need to discuss. Continue reading

Happy New Year! I know I’m a few days late in saying that but I’ve taken a break from blogging during my two-week vacation. Continue reading

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