How to Pack for long Road Trip

Packing is not really a strong suit of mine. I’m one of those people who overpack because I’m over-decisive. However, a road trip was a different ball game.

Our trip took place during the end of September and ended at the beginning of October during the weird phase of ‘it’s meant to be Spring but not yet Spring’ season. The difficulty? Having to fit everything into a weekend bag for 11 days!

So tiny it can fit for only three days worth of clothing.

Checking the weather in each town is a start; giving an overview of what to expect.

Dresses! I sincerely miss wearing them. I’m sure the temperatures are climbing in hot numbers and remember, one bag each. Our boot is small and we have lots to take with.

Don’t listen to me when I give weather advice. I made the mistake thinking summer has arrived with my clothing all rolled up bearing my skin for the “so-called” sun.

Zipped up to the brim with everything besides a raincoat and another long top or two.

But what was in your bag, to begin with?

5 x dresses ranging in length
4 x shorts yet only wore two
3 x pants and one got soaked
2 x thin cardigans that came in handy during the night
4 x short sleeve tops for each bottom
1 x jersey because I thought it won’t be cold
6 x pairs of shoes (3 x sandals, 2 x closed shoes and, 1 x pair of boots)
11 x under gourmets because we were on the move and there’s no time to have them washed
1 x bathing suit that I wore for decoration

With a carry-on transporting all my unnecessary toiletries and much needed medical supplies, I had just enough space for all my materials.

I even had a curler that never got used. Getting lazy along the way with Courtney asking me on day 5 to brush my hair already.

Keep things simple, I say and be minimal if possible. Sticking to ordinary day to day attire.

Unless you a fashionista, I take my hat off to you having to coordinate towards a theme and colour scheme.

Saying that line already made me exhausted just thinking about it but don’t forget to bring a hat. It might come to your rescue like the scorching heat in Addo.

Don’t be shy to recycle your clothing. I felt the need to wear a different outfit each day and it’s totally inessential. Pack items that are comfortable and if your undecided about the weather, rather pack in half summer and half winter seasons.

Packing Tips

  • Make sure to have a bag that can be used for all your dirty laundry so that you can distinguish what is clean and what is dirty.
  • Bring an umbrella. Even though I forget my raincoat, having that comes in handy when the weather turns sour.
  • Have a few dark colours packed in – They tend to hide the mess you create on yourself
  • Less is more. Have fewer clothing items packed which are versatile and can be worn more than once.

Do you have any packing tips? Would love to hear them!

Until the next adventure!

Stephanie Marthinus Blog