Stephanie Marthinus is a travel writer and lifestyle blogger from Cape Town; passionate about small towns, local wineries, and delectable eateries.

Being a student and learning how to be a cheapskate, you grasp how to hustle in order to see the world in the cheapest, most inexpensive way possible because let’s get real, traveling is not cheap, right?

Wanting to do as many escapades as possible, Courtney and I used different means of transport (bus, train, and taxis. Our feet count as transport too) to carry out our travel missions.

Two years later and the birth of our tiny Corsa now named Casper, we began exploring towns far and wide like Jacobs Bay and Porterville along the exquisite West Coast.

Many we spoke with had no idea that these towns even existed. But if I were to say I was going to Italy and stay in the town of Venice, many would know instantly where that is. We realised that small towns in our own backyards are being overlooked because they aren’t eccentric or adventurous enough compared to the thrill of jumping on a plane, sipping on coconut on an idyllic island.

We thought it’s time to promote and create awareness about local traveling in South Africa as well as the Western Cape to boost smaller towns and villages many aren’t familiar with and, let people know that small town are incredible.

But before we go any further, I’m Stephanie Marthinus-Hans, the one in the tie-dye dress who calls herself a Local South African travel junkie on a journey with her partner, Courtney Hans to visit EVERY town. Yes, every big and small ‘Dorpie’ in the Western Cape; a province in South Africa and seek out those hidden gems.

So far we’ve visited 79 towns out of 193 and still have a long way to go.

Stephanie is the writer, social media control freak, dealing with admin and the content creator. Courtney on the other hand, his biggest desire is to nag on all the trips and complain about gravel roads. Joking! No. His the sole driver, photographer and the one calming Stephanie down when things don’t go as planned.

The full-figured girl graduated from The Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2015 with her Degree in Public Relations Management and recently took a break from completing her BA Honours in Integrated Organisational Communications. She’s currently working a 9 to 5 job as a Digital Marketing and Communications Officer at an IT Law Firm, a part-time PR and Marketing Coordinator at a bespoke fabric store yet still finding time to pursue her love for traveling.

The slender man who lives in jeans and Converse completed high school and went straight into the working field. His eight years of retail experience helped him to become a Retail Manager for one of the second largest chain stores in South Africa. His love for helping people goes far beyond his job description and often goes past a typical 9 to 5 office job. Even with being confided to shift schedules, his desire to explore is longer than anyone’s bucket lists.

How do we find the time to travel?

With a strict schedule and advance planning; most times a year in advance, we make it work. We’re both lucky to have jobs that allow us to take annual leave during the course of the year.

Do we get paid to travel?

No. Everything is self-funded unless stated otherwise. Us traveling is another way to enjoy our lives as a couple yet appreciate South Africa’s diverse cultures, language, food and make new friends along our journey. However, we happy with accommodations offering us stays, local shops asking us to try new activities or eateries seeking us to explore their menus but we rarely take any monitory favours; depending on what is required.

Will we ever leave our full-time jobs?

Probably, not. As much as we love seeking off to another town or venture into another part of our country, we won’t be quitting our jobs anytime soon. We still young so we can deal with all the stress and hair pulling issues.

Are we a couple? 

We recently got married in August 2018! I hope that answers your question 🙂

Our travels are to find questions in life, not answers. To find happiness within ourselves and explore the unknown by telling stories in the best South African version possible.

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination”

Thank you for coming by and seeing what Stephanie Marthinus Blog is all about. We hope this blog inspires you to think of small towns a little bit differently.


Stephanie and Courtney