I’m Stephanie living in Cape Town with my travel partner in crime, Courtney. In 2015, I started my online presence as a fashion enthusiast but later realised that I wanted to share my love for travel instead.

We both grew up traveling to the same resorts or holiday places and we quickly realised that our friends, family, and communities never go out of their comfort zones to explore a new place. 

That’s when we started the stephaniemarthinus.com platform; on a mission to explore every town in the Western Cape and doing road trips to our neighbouring provinces sharing stories of small towns, local wineries, eateries, and affordable accommodations. 

So far we’ve visited 91 towns out of 193 in the Western Cape.

When we’re not traveling (we are not full-time travellers), we both work a typical 9-5 job in the legal, textile and retail sector. It’s allows us to diversify our passions for things other than travel. 

When I’m not creating content, I’m other reading a fascinating book with a glass of wine, watering my plants, or researching interesting facts about things while Courtney loves remixing music on his laptop, hanging with his family, and working on my nerves. 

How do we find the time to travel?

With a strict schedule and advance planning; most times a year in advance, we make it work. We both lucky to have jobs that allow us to take annual leave during the course of the year.

Do we get paid to travel?

No. We pay for everything unless we mention it in our posts. Us traveling is another way to enjoy our lives as a couple yet appreciate South Africa’s diverse cultures, language, food, and make new friends along our journey.

However, we happy with accommodations offering us stays, local shops asking us to try new activities or eateries seeking us to explore their menus but we rarely take any monitory favours.

Will we ever leave our full-time jobs?

Probably, not. As much as we love seeking off to another town or venture into another part of our country, we won’t be quitting our jobs anytime soon. We still young so we can deal with all the stress and hair-pulling issues.

Are we a couple? 

We recently got married in August 2018! I hope that answers your question 🙂

Our travels are to find questions in life, not answers. To find happiness within ourselves and explore the unknown by telling stories in the best South African version possible.

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination”

Thank you for coming by and seeing what Stephanie Marthinus Blog is all about. We hope this blog inspires you to think of small towns a little bit differently.

Stephanie and Courtney