hantam vleisfees

And, it’s a vleisfees (meat festival) like no other. One that celebrates meat being braaied, curried, stewed in pita bread, on sosaties, and even in potjies.

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Are you a pharophile? A lighthouse enthusiast; always intrigued by the historic stories of these coastal beacons? When it comes to these important landmarks, I definitely classify them as one.

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Val du Charron - A must visit when in Wellington

When last did you find yourself in Wellington? I haven’t been there in years! So when an invitation landed in my inbox to come and visit Val du Charron; a bespoke wine and leisure Estate in Wellington, how could I say no? Continue reading

Who knew that Constantia Wine Route has a long-standing history in the development of the wine industry; making it the oldest wine route as it celebrates 333 years of wine-making. Continue reading

The Winelands is the best-kept gem in Cape Town with stunning vineyards and exquisite eateries but there’s a destination with a force to be reckoned with and that place is known as the Spice Route. Continue reading

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