Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I know I’m a few days late in saying that but I’ve taken a break from blogging during my two week vacation break and it was the best thing I ever did by unwinding and letting me hair loose, literally. I slept in, did some reading, ate to my hearts content and laid on the beach until I turned a new shade darker. There’s nothing like relaxing after an exhausting year of pure working mode.

You probably read many posts about New Year Resolutions but I never allow myself to make those because firstly, I feel pressurized that I need to live up to some of the goals I set out for myself and will end up disappointed. Secondly, I take my life a day at a time despite the various plans I make in advance. Reflecting back on the year that was 2016, it was honestly the best year I had in a long time. I got to do everything I loved from traveling to sightseeing. Having two very different types of jobs and actually enjoying it – the hiccups along the way are irrelevant. Learning to adult because it sucks to pay for things like insurance and trying to understand why I need to take out so many policies. Accepting that we all make mistakes and we can’t all be perfect all the time.

I’ve grown apart from some of my former friends yet grown to love myself more immensely. I’ve learnt to use the word no more often and said yes to opportunities that excite my outlook on my future. My relationship with Courtney has significantly reached new heights; talking about our future together in much more detail then usual. I’ve said goodbye to bad vibes and hello to positivity. Masked the fact that I’m more an introvert then pretending to be an extrovert. Kicked my hideous spending to the curb and opened several saving accounts for those unexpected moments in life.happy new year

But what does 2017 hold for dear old, Stephanie? I have no idea. Just that it will be a year full of opportunity, laughter and self assessment. Oh, and a book filled with memories and travel adventures with my partner in crime.

happy new yearhappy new yearhappy new yearhappy new yearhappy new year

Images: Courtney Hans

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