10 small town mistakes

Traveling is one big adventure, they say. And honestly, it is because what’s an adventure without things going wrong, right?

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Road trips are the best way to fully enjoy what South Africa has to offer but you also need to pull over when the journey is long and, it’s often onto a gravel driveway, and the oasis of farm stalls.
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9 Tips to pack for a Winter Weekend

We now in the midst of winter and many of us don’t feel like leaving our beds let alone stay in another one. But if we find ourselves booking a winter getaway, this is how I pack for a weekend stay.  Continue reading

My Guide to travel while having a full-time job or two

Before I entered the world of blogging, working full-time is all I knew and still do. In South Africa, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act only allows one 15 days of annual leave which in hindsight, is too little for my liking. But it shouldn’t hinder your love for traveling. Continue reading

Booking for any trip can be daunting especially searching endlessly for affordable accommodation that suits your pocket. Today I’m sharing how I do my booking process.  Continue reading

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