Feeling Pink

In the midst of winter, wearing bright colours in a season that is known to be gloomy can really cheer one up – and for some other reason, pink has been the accent that has drawn my attention.

The last few weeks have been rather difficult for me. No, there’s no death or heartache incidents but rather stress upon stress which has caused me to feel despondent. I’m also going through a really tough decision so life at the moment is not on the upward scale.

The outfit: I’ve been drawn to all types of pink accents; whether it be bold, bright or light. Seeing that it’s winter out in Cape Town, chunky jerseys have become my staple item to wear. I found this blush pink one with a criss-cross pattern at the back and I loved that it fits well on my body considering that some jerseys can make curvy women bulky. I pair it with skinny black jeans and found this awesome Chanel inspired suede two-tone heel pump which my mother says, “They for old people”. Is it really for old people? I think the 80s are just making a comeback.

To round off the outfit, I added my bright pink Satchel bag to give the attire a more fun look!

Blush Jersey: Refinery | Black Jeans: Jet Fashion | Suede Pumps: The Fix | Satchel Bag: Marni

Until next time.

Stephanie Marthinus Blog