Courtney has this event he goes to every year even before we met each other. The first two years I thoroughly enjoyed accommodating him to the Kinky Afro events; all dressed up in the old school theme. Continue reading

It’s known as the season of Spring but here in Cape Town, it’s that awkward period where you no longer sure how to dress.

Continue reading

It’s officially my 24th birthday tomorrow (yeah) and while you reading this post, I’ll be on my way to a place called Nuy Valley for the weekend to celebrate yet another year added to my age. Since I haven’t been on a holiday in the last three years, I decided that I’m packing my bags for a well-deserved break! Continue reading

I’m tired of winter at the moment. I can’t take the layers of clothing and the cold chills on my body, the unexpected rain and dull colours that make me sad. Continue reading

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with colour but recently, I’ve been wearing neutral palettes so that I could wear it again for work purposes. After seeing this printed dress at Mr Price, I felt like going to a festival where I can let loose and be free. Continue reading

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