Sun’s Out

Courtney has this event he goes to every year even before we met each other. The first two years I thoroughly enjoyed accommodating him to the Kinky Afro events; all dressed up in the old school theme. But as the years went by and so did my age, I started getting tired of going because it ended so late at night and my feet were sore of standing. Last year there was no party scheduled and I literally jumped over the moon with joy. Then it reappeared this year and I was told we are going! Unfortunately, attending this event came with a condition; that he take a two-hour drive so that I could view these gorgeous flowers at the West Coast National Park

About this look: I’m bringing out the orange in me. I have no idea why I’ve been so drawn to the colour lately. I wore this frill top a while back with embroidery detailing and I love how effortless it is to wear. I paired it with an orange satin short seeing that we were on an adventure and it was extremely warm. Also, I wanted to show some leg action after months of covering them up. I decided to wear my pom-pom sandals for a bit of colour and to fully embrace the coming of spring. It’s a simple yet understated look to go for when you out and about and not in the mood for over-layering your outfit.

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Photographs: Courtney Hans

Frill Top: Mr Price | Satin Shorts: Zando | Pom pom Sandals: The Fix | Watch: American Swiss

Until next time.

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