Spring Came Early

I’m tired of winter at the moment. I can’t take the layers of clothing and the cold chills on my body, the unexpected rain and dull colours that make me sad.

I’ve officially quit winter and decided to bring spring early because I love the sun on my skin, the bold and bright colours on my body and spending my days outside instead of indoors. My creative juices don’t flow the way it does in warmer seasons because my mind is frozen by the constant cold weather we experience.

About this look: I love my florals and with many stores packing out their spring collection, there’s no denying that I won’t be the first one in line; purchasing everything pretty and colourful like this lilac floral shirt dress. Shirt dresses are the most versatile clothing item to wear because you can easily dress it up or down, you can get a street-chic vibe going or make the dress look absolutely sexy.

They not only a great casual item and easy to throw on but they perfect for warmer days too. I went for a sexy look by pairing the dress with my golden oldie cork heel and navy blue body-cross bag to bring out the blue from the dress to really give off that summary, spring look.

Spring came earlySpring came earlySpring came earlyspring came earlyspring came earlySpring came earlyImages by: Arlene Marthinus

Shirt Dress: Mr Price | Heels: Legit (Old) | Bag: Zando

Until next time.

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