It’s officially my 24th birthday tomorrow (yeah) and while you reading this post, I’ll be on my way to a place called Nuy Valley for the weekend to celebrate yet another year added to my age. Since I haven’t been on a holiday in the last three years, I decided that I’m packing my bags for a well-deserved break!

I must admit, I’ve accomplished quite a lot from being a mere 23-year-old woman. I can proudly say that I’m financially independent where I no longer rely on my poor parentals to provide me with monetary support. I can’t tell you how delighted that makes my mother. She went out and bought herself a designer bag the minute she no longer had to help me! It was the most hilarious thing to watch her be so happy to have her own money to herself. She is, however, requesting that I leave the house by the age of 25 but we all know that that won’t be happening anything soon.

That time again

I also graduated earlier this year and secured two jobs that can drive me crazy at times yet still finding time to create this platform with exciting content. I’ve seen my blog grow and I’m immensely thankful to those who keep reading my posts, time and time again. Yes, it’s a hobby and I get no income from doing it but it makes me happy to post about things I love to share with everyone and engage with people I never imagined coming across.

My only wish for this year and before I turn 25, is to simply be happy. To do the things I love and work harder as I did before to get to my end goal (which I keep changing ever so often). Traveling is also on top of my list and I keep reiterating this that my desire to explore the world is bursting at the seams. I have major plans to sightsee and I’m constantly working towards jetting off into the sunset or snow.

I thank God for still having my back through tough times but still through the good ones too. I still have my health, I’m still able to wake up every morning and go off to work, I still have the people I cherish the most and, I can be nothing but thankful for the awesome life He provided for me.

Cheers to being 24 even though it is only starting from tomorrow and let the adult games began!

Being 24Being 24Being 24Being 24Images by: Arlene Marthinus

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Until next time.

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