West Coast National Park

The West Coast National Park is one of the best parks to visit, particularly during the majestic flower season where fields are covered in all colours imaginable. 

Courtney and I might have the same interests but boy are we two different people. I love going on long drives but hate doing the driving and Courtney, well he will drive with the condition that I inform him weeks before the trip is scheduled and, he loves complaining about just how much he wish I would just get behind the wheel so that he can be the passenger for a change. So you can only imagine when I told him that driving to the West Coast National Park will only take him an hour but for some other reason, it took nearly two hours to get to the destination and the nagging started to begin.

west coast

Every year between August and September, the protected area of Postberg is boasted with vivid bright wild flowers; covering the entire landscape of the area. I always heard how amazing it is to view this popular site and this year was the year I was going to play in the land of flowers. I heard that it’s quite a long line to get through the toll gate but we were lucky that it took us a mere 20 minutes to pass through and pay.

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What I forgot to do was research the place extensively. While driving behind some vehicles, we realised how massive the park really was and I brought no goodies to nibble on for the long drive while site seeing the amazing beaches and bird life flying around the park. Getting to the Postberg area required that we drive to the far end of the park and about a 6km drive on pothole, gravel road which annoyed Courtney and his babies known as his tires. Finally getting to Postberg’s entrance, we had no idea that it was actually a wildlife park too and my excitement just shot up even more!

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There were tourist everywhere! They advised us to stay in our vehicles but nobody paid much attention to the signs because people were laying and dancing and taking pictures amongst the prettiest flowers despite there being Cape Cobras slithering between the bushes and on the ground. The only thing that probably annoyed Courtney was the tiny, flying insects rooming around the car that he hysterically shouted I needed to roll up the windows fast.

west coastwest coastwest coast

You still have time to visit the park this weekend to catch these beautiful flowers. Visit SanParks website for more details not only on this park but on the many other parks around South Africa.

Until our next adventure.