Sunny Afternoon

It amazes me how fast time is going by. When you start receiving emails from Management about the Christmas closing period, then you know that 2016 is slowly but surely saying goodbye. Spring is beginning to show it’s true beauty with the afternoon sun, zoning perfectly on my back. For those who know me personally, will know that I love falling asleep with the warmth shining on me. That is a superb afternoon if you ask me.

About this look: I’m falling in love with vintage items. By vintage, I mean pieces that give off that timeless look or old world charm. This floral skirt does just that with the colour palettes that allows one to play with different variations of colour. Instead of pairing my top with an accent of the florals, I broke away with a khaki bodysuit which I’ve always been shying away from. The v-neck shape allows me to show off some skin without being too flirtatious and it still gives me the option to still feel good about myself. It’s important to always feel comfortable with the attire you wear because of you able to express yourself fully. I wore my golden oldie cork heel to play with the variations and to give the outfit more definition.


Images by: Arlene Marthinus

Bodysuit: Spree | Floral Skirt: Legit | Cork Heels: Legit (Old)

Until next time.

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