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The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance – Nathaniel Branden

I’ve turned my back on the Public Relations industry and, I couldn’t be happier for the lack of a better word to walk away from a life I no longer aspire to continue doing.

After five tough years with my head behind the books, obtaining that Degree and four blissful yet stressful years being in the industry, I’m leaving it all behind.

It’s a difficult thought to process that I studied for so long and worked tirelessly to make my mark in various media publications and editors that I’m stepping away and not backing down. Yet as time went by and so did the evolving digital space, I no longer felt the need that PR required to be my sole focus in my career.


It’s a weird sentiment to say goodbye to a trade I once knew.  I truly believed that PR was going to be what I would do for the rest of my life. As much as I excelled academically and worked in various industries over the years, it was time to cut to the chase on the way forward; particularly when I was gaining exceptional knowledge and experience in both marketing and communications sectors, respectively. Don’t get me wrong. I know that these three industries go hand-in-hand, but if you break the components apart, they have completely different elements to it and PR wasn’t one of it. It dawned upon me that marketing was taking over my life and I’m taking a leap of faith to enter into a market of full possibilities.


Two weeks ago, I made a conscious decision from being the PR and Marketing Coordinator of a textile brand to hand in my resignation once and for all. Honestly, it sucks! I still tell myself that I’m failing, that I fully committed myself to a career choice and I should bear with the work requirements but personal growth got the better of me and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a career shift that still aligns with the one you backing away from.

I’m going to miss the industry yet at the same time, relieved that I won’t be nagging or stressing or pulling my hair out to create content I have no passion in doing anymore. It does, however, mean that I will from 2017 have a huge income drop. It sounds scary especially since I’ve been so comfortable where I am financial. Able to spend freely and not worry that I’ll be short for the month ahead.

Yes, I’m saying farewell but it’s not really goodbye. I’m merely taking a back seat for a moment and probably in the near future, I’ll return to my beloved PR industry. Until then, it’s time to close this chapter.

Until our next chat.

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