Cool Comfort

Courtney and I recently came back from our five day trip to Durban and honestly, I’m still recovering from the crazy weather patterns we experienced in Umhlanga.

The weather forecast memo stated that it would practically rain and be miserable the entire week during our stay but one minute it would be drizzling then the sun would make an appearance and out of nowhere it would be thundering on top of being extremely humid. It was like this all through our holiday so you can only imagine how crazy we dressed every morning.

I will at some point post a travel diary or two on our experience and all the cool activities we did in the short time we were there. It’s a real privilege to be able to travel even if it’s only in another province. It’s actually quite pricy too for an average income citizen like myself. Courtney and I saved for nearly a year to be able to afford this trip and, it was worth every cent! However, the crappy part about coming back home is that you already look forward to the next travel adventure which happens to be in the pipeline.


About this look: When I’m on holiday, particularly if I’m holidaying along the beach coast, I love to stay comfortable yet still feel and look great. This is why a throw on dress or kaftan is such a staple item to have in your travel bag. The colours in itself were such a great mix of accents I wouldn’t normally choose to wear but the mustard yellow really made summer come to life. The material is also light which makes it perfect to just throw over your bathing suit. I literally just slipped on some sandals because we were heading off to the beach right after Courtney took these images. Can I just add how amazing Courtney’s photo skills are coming along? He honestly improved and I’m so proud!


Images: Courtney Hans

Dress: Mr Price | Sandals: Edgars

Until next time.

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