Jacobs Bay

Who would’ve guessed that I would find this little gem of a town known as Jacobs Bay while zooming in on a map. Jacobs Bay is a small settlement along the West Coast Route. 

It was originally founded as a small town on the farmland registered as 109 Jacobsbaai. The name is said to have evolved from the Frenchman Jacques Titius. He was a colonial trader in the West Coast region. Tietiesbaai is also named after him and Jacobsbaai has a street called Titius.

de ware

We booked ourselves in a self-catering cottage at De Ware Jacob where the drive is approximately an hour and a half. The drive to our destination was great because for the first time we didn’t get lost or struggle with signal on our Maps app. When we arrived at the gate after unable to find the exact location, Dianne welcomed us in as we drove along the cobblestones leading up to our cottage.

de ware de-warede ware

Once we got out of the car to stretch our legs, we begin unpacking and I was marvelled by everything. The attention to detail and the decor inside the cottage was bespoke and chic. One would not have expected this much modern decor for a cottage that has that vintage seaside look from the outside. Dianne came in and explained how to use the gas stove (because this generation has never used one), about the shower’s hot water, the TV channels and took us around the place. She asked if we liked dogs and my first response was, “how big are the dogs?”. They had two smaller dogs, Lulu and Bubbles which I could handle but Molly, the one in the above image wouldn’t leave us in peace. She kept laying in-front of our patio with her big beautiful eyes, constantly looking for attention.

de warede-ware-2de ware

From the hanging bed to the simplicity of the restroom, I vowed not to leave this place the entire weekend. It was absolutely serene and peaceful to lounge around in an area that is not hustled by traffic or busy streets. We did leave the cottage Saturday afternoon to check out the beach and walk along the coast with the sand beneath our feet. It was quite windy but that didn’t stop us from exploring. the beach was quint in size yet private enough to enjoy your partners company.

de warede warede ware

I would definitely recommend this place if you looking to get away from the city. From the host to the cottage and the area itself, I can’t imagine a better stay vacation than this.

Until our next adventure.