What to do in Durban (Part 1)

KwaZulu-Natal is one of the provinces I dreamed of exploring and, what better excuse to go when your partner has never been on an aircraft.

We started saving for about two months after a discussion about wanting to go to Durban until I just swiped my card, booked our tickets without an ounce of thought about where we would even stay.

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We asked lots of people who have been to Durban before on everything worth visiting during our five-day stay and, here are the activities we did and, the food we ate:

part 1

Gateway Mall

part 1

What’s a trip to Durban without a visit to the biggest shopping center, Gateway Mall. They weren’t joking when they said it’s huge. Once we walked through the doors, we had no clue where to start.

With over 400 stores, we only managed to pop into a few we knew but with three floors and so little time, we gave up half way because it too much ground to cover and, we were exhausted.


part 1

Only 20 minutes from our B&B is this vibrant street called Chartwell Drive. It’s the party of Durban where every restaurant imaginable is situated. We opted to dine at Europa; who had a homemade feel kind-of cuisines.

The vibe is relaxing and provides a home away from home feel. The menu is enjoyable with an array of food servings to choose from.

Moses Mabhida Stadium

part 1

One of the things to do if you want to see Durban for all its beauty and charisma is to visit Moses Mabhida Stadium that offers cool activities like the Skycar.

It gives you a 360-degree view of the city at a 106m-high vantage point. After purchasing the tickets which are around R60.00 per person, you walk into a glass cabin that drives along the stadium arch up until the mid-point of the stadium.

part 1

Once the doors open, you walk onto a wooden platform and wow! The views above will make you speechless. You can see the entire beachfront promenade and on the other side of the platform, you can see the busy city and stunning landscapes.

I felt like an absolute tourist with the wind blowing in my hair and the hot humid air on my body.

Beachfront Promenade

part 1

There’s a walkway once you cross the road at the stadium that leads you straight onto the beachfront. We strolled and took numerous pictures of the picturesque city.

From the feature image, there’s a tunnel we walked through with amazing tile artwork of various flower species they have in Durban. Once we got on the other side, we walked along the promenade; watching fishermen with their rods and people jumping around in the sea.

House of Curries

part 1

If you ever find yourself in Durban, make sure to have their infamous curries or in our case, a bunny chow. The bunny chow was created in Durban and is often referred to as a bunny which consists of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry.

With big-screen TVs and a vibrancy deck, this is the place to be to get the original Durban eatery. They serve everything from chip and cheese roti wraps to prawn and chicken curry –  the perfect munchie food.

Rickshaw Ride

part 1

We wanted to try things that were uniquely Durban and a rickshaw ride was on top our list.

However, we were told that there is only a handful left because the craft is dying down. It was such a fun mode of transportation; screaming as the puller rolled back and forth, running fast along the Golden Mile beachfront.

Aside from the beautifully decorated transport, the pullers are decked out in beautiful head-dresses, which are mainly beads and other traditional decorations. All of these beautiful decorations are handcrafted, and there are no two the same.

Make sure to book your tickets because it’s worth every cent to visit Durban.

Until the next adventure.