Craig Lotter from An Exploring South African Blog

Advert adventurer, Craig Lotter with his two energetic girls and wife, can be found in their car exploring another piece of South Africa whether it be a town, a farm stall or interesting family activities that one never knew existed.

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Wanderlust Traveler | Nicole and Tiisetso from Meletso Blog

Their passion for traveling is engraved in their adventures where Nicole and Tiisetso from Meletso, who, together run the amazing lifestyle, food and travel blog share not only their love for one another but their adoration for South Africa and around the world.  Continue reading

Doing adventures at it’s best, Robyn Oliver along with her partner, Leroy is the ultimate travel couple goals; traveling around Africa making you ooze with jealousy from visiting heritage sites in KwaZulu-Natal to strolling the Banks of the Zambezi River.

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With a zest for life and a long list of places still yet to see, it’s no wonder Anwynn has such as love for not only travel but for nature and wildlife. Sometimes I think she has more energy than Wonder Woman to be able to travel the way she does. Continue reading

Anje is known for exploring the unknown of towns and cities with diverse cultures and intriguing cuisine and activities. Her travel addiction is what got me to hook on exploring far and wide to uncover the best unknown tourism spots. Continue reading

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