Wanderlust Traveler | Anje from Going Somewhere Slowly

Anje is known for exploring the unknown of towns and cities with diverse cultures and intriguing cuisine and activities. Her travel addiction is what got me to hook on exploring far and wide to uncover the best unknown tourism spots.

In my latest project, Wanderlust Traveler, I’ll be featuring travel bloggers and enthusiasts who constantly remind me how beautiful South Africa really is. They will be sharing their experience, photo essays and tips on local travel and, get you a little bit more excited to travel more.

1) Tells us more about Going Somewhere Slowly and, why you created your blog?

Going Somewhere Slowly started in 2012; after working in South Korea for 3 years I got on a plane to Indonesia, bought a bicycle and cycled around a few islands. I had no plan, end date or location in mind and decided to call the blog “Going Somewhere Slowly”. Unfortunately, I only realised a year or two too late that it might possibly cause confusion because it sounded so much like the hit TV show, Going Nowhere Slowly which aired from 2005-2009. But I would never change the name of my blog, it still very much describes my way of traveling.

2) What does travel mean to you and, where does your love for travel come from?

Not to be too dramatic but to me it means everything; it means that I’m constantly learning about myself, others and the way we travel, it means supporting local initiatives and establishments, it means facing challenges and standing up for what I believe in, it means falling completely head over heels in love with South Africa (and the Eastern Cape especially) every day, and it means that I get to do a job that I’m extremely passionate about.

My love for travel stems from my parents who went out of their way to show the beauty of South Africa to me and my brother through road trips, camping trips, and multi-day hiking trips; it played such a massive role in my life as I discovered my love for nature and ongoing curiosity to explore through these family trips.

3) What is your planning tips and budget tricks when going on a holiday?

I try not to plan too much, I prefer to slow down when I travel and then allow the town or place I’m visiting guide me from A to B. When it comes to budgeting I’m always looking for inexpensive accommodation, be it in a tent or guesthouse, and do two meals a day instead of three. If and when possible, exploring a town on foot or on a bicycle also helps (a bit) with the budget. Over the years I’ve learned that just because a pamphlet or guidebook gives you a list of things to do or see, it is not necessary to do or see all of it; stick to the things that you find interesting (your budget will appreciate it).

4) Your most memorable trip and, why?

A most memorable trip in South Africa… there are so many! One is the short bicycle trip I did from Knysna to Port Elizabeth; after working in Knysna for a year I decided that there is only one way to leave the town and that would be by bicycle. Another is watching the meerkats wake up in Oudtshoorn, and then there is also the Amatola Hiking Trail because of all of its waterfalls, forest scenery and random cows in the middle of nowhere.

5) Any general trends affecting travel these days?

I think new media and the digital era has positive as well as negative effects on traveling, like Susan Sontag said, “A way of certifying experience, taking photographs is also a way of refusing it – by limiting experience to a search for the photogenic, by converting experience into an image, a souvenir. Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs”. She said this about 40 years ago before smartphones were even a thought. Too often it happens that a photo is taken – or something is shared – without taking at the moment as well.

But I have to add, new media and the digital era also has a positive side, over the past decade it has created jobs, it helped to create awareness and spread knowledge on important issues and it turned a lot of passionate people’s hobbies into jobs.

6) Your favourite foods to eat while traveling?

Coffee. Always coffee. Sandwiches, bananas, and imagination-less food are perfectly enough and okay as long as I have can have a decent cup of coffee.

7) What equipment do you travel with?

Camera, another one, two tripods, way too many charging cables, a laptop and of course, a coffee press.

8) Worst holiday so far and, why you won’t recommend it?

I’ve never had a bad holiday and I believe that there is always something good to find, even when it feels like everything is bad.

9) Any advice to people who would like to start traveling?

Just do it. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to a traveling style; some like it rough and others prefer luxury. Do what suits you. If you need to plan every last detail, then do it, make the journey your own. But before you do any activity, always ask that little voice in your head (or Google) whether or not it is ethical, especially when it comes to activities that have something to do with animals.

10) Where can we find you? Social Links, Blog, etc

Blog: http://www.goingsomewhereslowly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goingsomewhereslowly/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnjeRautenbach
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/going_somewhere_slowly/

Until the next adventure.

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