Wanderlust Traveler | Robyn Oliver

Doing adventures at it’s best, Robyn Oliver along with her partner, Leroy is the ultimate travel couple goals; traveling around Africa making you ooze with jealousy from visiting heritage sites in KwaZulu-Natal to strolling the Banks of the Zambezi River.

In my latest project, Wanderlust Traveler, I’ll be featuring travel bloggers and enthusiasts who constantly remind me how beautiful South Africa really is. They will be sharing their experience, photo essays and tips on local travel and, get you a little bit more excited to travel more.

1) Tells us a little bit more about who Robyn is

This is always a tough one. Born and raised in Cape Town, I have always had a passion for travel and everything outdoors. I have a strong love for animals and giving back to the community. I consider myself an amateur baker and always enjoy trying new recipes. A graduate of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology with a PR B-Tech degree; communication, media, and events have become me. Luckily I enjoy it…NOT as much as I enjoy traveling.

2) What does travel mean to you and, where does your love for travel come from?

To travel means to explore, to discover the unknown and to completely emancipate yourself in the adventure. I suppose it may have started as a kid when we always went on family camps. I have fond memories of meeting new people and that love has always kept me wanting to know more.

3) What is your planning tips and budget tricks when going on a holiday?

Well firstly, try not to travel when the President has just made a shift in the cabinet. (LOL).

I learned this the hard way. (This obviously negatively affected the rand). As much as you want to buy everything, (in my case taste everything) when you in a new place, it’s important to be wise with your money. Rather spend it on an activity of some sort, as these can end up being rather pricey when on holiday. I find negotiating works well, especially with taxi rides. Oh, and using Tripadvisor is a must! I think the app is the best thing that could have been invented for all travelers.

4) Your most memorable trip and, why?

I recently visited the Victoria Falls in Zambia. I went with my boyfriend and we stayed at a lodge in Livingstone. We were there for a week and it was AMAZING! The Falls was absolutely breathtaking! I’m scared of heights so I had a natural fear to go, but once I arrived I was simply overwhelmed with its beauty! (I think the only reason I was brave enough to cross the bridge was that I could not see what was below me due to the water mist, they call it the thunder that roars).  I love nature and all things natural and untouched by man, so the destination was perfect. Sunset cruising on the Zambezi River also took my breath away!

We met SO MANY people from all around the world and I made an effort to listen to everyone’s story, each one more interesting than the next. They were from South Korea, Alaska, America, Namibia, India, London, even people from right here in Cape Town on their way to Cairo, on BICYCLES. We kept contact with some of the people we met, and when they arrived on the Cape Town leg of their adventure we even went out a few times and could show them our home town.

The people I met inspired me to want to do and see more. They save up for years and just decide to travel, set a goal and achieve it. Everything about the trip was memorable really, from the mosquito bites (don’t worry we took on anti-malaria tablets and carried insect repellent everywhere) to the bats flying around at night, to the taxi drivers overcharging, the avocados being the size of my head, to really ending up enjoying their local beer. (Mind you, alcohol is way cheaper that side).

5) Any general trends affecting travel these days?

I just think it’s budget. Even while speaking to people on our holiday that’s the one thing everyone mentioned.

6) Your favourite foods to eat while traveling?

Pizza! More of the fact that it’s one of the only things I would trust, especially in a foreign country. I mean I enjoy tasting things, but how would you know that beef burger is really beef? Mmm

7) What equipment do you travel with?

My camera, tripod, and GoPro is a must!

8) Worst holiday so far and, why you won’t recommend it?

Well, this is a difficult one, because as I mentioned I really just enjoy the discovery. It’s all that you make of it really, so nothing really comes to mind right now.

9) Any advice to people who would like to start traveling?

Just do it! Stop saying tomorrow or next year or whenever just go. (Obviously, by this I mean start saving now). Make an effort to make friends while you away, do something for the first time. If travelling out the country, take along a certified copy of your passport and keep it separate to the original. Also, try walking around with limited amounts of money (do both of these in case you get robbed).

10) Where can we find you? Social Links, Blog, etc

Twitter: @robyn_oliver
Instagram: @robyn_oliver19  

Until the next adventure.