What to do in Durban (Part 2)

There are so many things to do when you’re visiting Durban that you certainly cannot do them all in the 5 days we spent there.

Continuing from my previous post, we did a bunch of cool activities that everyone said we needed to do. Here’s a list of some things you can add to your Durban itinerary:

uShaka Marine World

part 2

Everyone projected that visiting uShaka Marine World, is a must-do; one of the key attractions in the city.

Upon arrival, it began drizzling but we quickly established that it would be humid soon. As we followed the signs; directing us to the ticket office, an array of different vendors selling all kinds of souvenirs lure you in and one can’t help but at least to stop and see what they have.

part 2

Finally purchasing our tickets, we opted to take the combo package that allows you to view Sea World, the Aquarium and, Wet ‘n Wild; activities all relating to water. We walked around Sea World Park, got to see all marine life species such as seals, penguins, sharks, turtles, and walked around this old shipwreck that’s converted into a breathtaking aquarium.

Once we were done exploring sea creatures, we made our way to the Wet n Wild section. Because it wasn’t yet tourist season, many of the rides were closed. However, we went on the Dizzy Duzi ride which is a leisurely ride and tried the zoom zoom; one where you go down this slide on tubes.

Courtney then took the plunge and went down the Torpedo and then down a free fall Plunge which he said was scary yet exhilarating.

part 2

Moyo on the Pier

part 2

After our adventurous trip to uShaka Marine World, we were starving. Yet among the many restaurants, Moyo on the Pier sounded like the perfect spot.

I’ve been to Moyo restaurants before but being this close to the sea, overlooking the Indian Ocean while sipping on cocktails was something I was not planning on missing. Courtney refused to dine on the top section but I managed to convince him because who could resist a view such as this one. They don’t offer much but they have a great wine and cocktail selection as while as breakfast and light meals.

Mini Town

part 2

Along the Golden Mile lies a place called Mini Town. It’s an exact replica of Durban but in a mini form. The structures are about knee length high which mini supermarkets and popular buildings such as the stadium, airport, and harbour as the miniature life-size trains, ships, and planes move around, making you feel like a kid again.

SunCoast Casino and Entertainment World

part 2

Seeing that the weather became quite cloudy and miserable, we decided to do some gambling at Suncoast Casino. Through the revolving doors, you welcomed by spectacular lights and loud buzzing of tourist; all wanting to check out what the casino could offer.

We’ve never gambled before so once we went through security and paid for a card, we walked around to find the easiest machine to play on.

To be honest, we were clueless! After entering the card into the machine, it kept screaming at us to put it correctly in. After 10-minutes of arguing, we were all smiles until we started losing money.

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Until the next adventure.