Cape Point

I’m a nature enthusiast so wanting to visit Cape Point came at no surprise on a windy yet hot day to sightsee this world heritage paradise and it was the best decision I ever made.

The drive from my home along the majestic coastal road took about an hour seeing that we sat in a bit of traffic on Muizenberg’s beach road. Passing Simon’s Town, we felt like we were the only car making it’s way to the Lighthouse but after a mere 15 minutes, alas we saw some vehicles ahead. Upon arrival through the big entrance gate, we found Ostriches peeking their heads out from behind some bushes. By this time, Courtney had already begun complaining about his eyes, the fact that his hungry and that his foot is beginning to pain.

As we paid our R135.00 per adult ticket and got handed the information pamphlet, I scanned it throughly only to turn towards Courtney to tell him that it’s another 10 minute drive to get to Cape Point’s Lighthouse. Guys, the facial expression I received is not something you take lightly.

cape pointcape pointcape point

Driving to the Lighthouse, we saw hectares and hectares of fauna and flora with a breathtaking view of the sea. Once we made it to our destination, we searched for parking seeing that it was tourist season with buses and taxis taking up every space available. Eventually, we managed to park our vehicle, I opened the door and the wind began howling like anything; swaying my dress from side to side and allowing my hat to fly high above the air.

We decided to skip making use of the Funicular– a railway that runs from the bottom entrance all the way to the lighthouse. This method of transportation helps save the uphill battle to get a panoramic view of Cape Point. Note that it’s another R60.00 per person to ride on the funicular.  While hiking our long walk to freedom route uphill, we were welcomed by spectacular views of the ocean. Knowing that both Courtney and I are not the fitness bunch of the pack, I had to stop every few minutes to catch my breathe seeing that there were so many stairs between the walkways.

cape pointcape point

After a 20 minute walk (more like a stroll), we opted out of going all the way to the top because not only was it quite steep and so many stairs to climb, it was viciously windy where you’re unable to keep your phone steady. We sat along one of the walls and soaked in the moment of the gorgeous view that took my breath away. With my hair ruffled in the wind, we managed to snap a few pictures of the sight and took a bit of a tour in a maze that belonged in a Games of Throne episode.

cape pointcape pointcape point

Next, we made our move back towards the car to have lunch we packed in a picnic basket. Once the food slowly but surely sunk it’s way to the bottom of our stomachs, we made a u-turn to Cape of Good Hope to get a close up view of the tranquil ocean. The mountain scenery made it impossible to not be memorised by. We parked our car close to the beach and sat on the rocks to smell the fresh sea breeze and enjoy the tourists reaction to Cape Point’s beauty.

cape pointcape point

I wanted to view some of the shipwreck ruins but our time seemed to have escaped us. There are so many things to do at Cape Point from various hiking trails, swimming in tidal pools, visiting secret and sacred beaches, dining at the Two Oceans Restaurant and so much more! If you in Cape Town or even a citizen like myself, this is a must visit place to add on your bucket list!

Until our next adventure.