Little Explorers

This festive break, I spent most of my time lounging around on the beach, enjoying the sun baking on my back and basically eating sand seeing that Cape Town is a full blown sand machine. With only a two week vacation and Courtney not having any leave besides a few off days, we really had to make the most of it. All I wanted was to relax this time around by sleeping in, reading and eating till my stomach hurt. In all honesty, this was one of the best December holidays I had in years because I really got to unwind and not think about work.


Here are some of the things Courtney and I got up to during our break:

Kleinmond Beach


At least once a year we make sure to visit our favourite beach, Kleinmond. Situated between Betty’s Bay and Hermanus, we choose to travel through Sir Lowry’s pass for a mountain scenery and drive back through Clarence Drive. Why I love this beach is because it’s peaceful and the drive to here is breathtaking. The water is cold but not to the point where you freeze your butt off. The best is to be under our umbrella and sit firmly on our camping chairs and watch the day go by.

Putt putt, Sea Point


My parents love playing putt putt during the holidays. I believe it’s become a tradition of ours. You can choose between playing two different courses. Each course consists of 18 holes of varying difficulty and it can be very competitive. I believe I tied with my mother in third place. However, on this particular day, it was so hot I was literally sweating down my legs. What makes playing putt putt in Sea Point so great is the seaside view and the fresh air.

Chart Farm, Wynberg


I heard quite a lot about this rose farm so I wanted to see it for myself. I will talk more in depth about this enchanted rose garden but I highly recommend you go and pick yourself some roses. I felt like a true farmer girl with my cowboy hat, bucket in my hand and some clippers.

Strand Beach


See? I really do love the beach. Courtney and I had a English breakfast looking over this beach front. Funny enough, we did the exact same thing the year before seeing that it’s about a 20 minute drive from my home; it’s the ideal spot to just stroll on the promenande or grab some ice cream.

Onrus Beach, Hermanus


I wanted to go visit the beach one more time before I headed back to the grindstone so I thought why not go to Hermanus. With it being an hour and a half drive, we left home early to at least catch some breakfast before we hit the long road. We had no idea what beaches there were so I googled some and found that Onrus is a tiny beach situated at the edge of Onrus River. The Onrus River Lagoon mouth also makes it the perfect location for a safer swimming experience. I’m definitely going here again because there were hardly any people.

Clarence Drive


Courtney and I find any excuse just to take this 21km coastal drive because of it’s sheer beauty of both sea and mountain scenery. I love being in the passenger seat simply because it allows my to take in this magnificent view on all angles. The route to Betty’s Bay and the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden follows the coast route between Gordon’s Bay and Kleinmond’ all around False Bay. This time we actually stopped and appreciated everything around us.

Big Bay, Table View


I spent my last day again, lounging on the beach but we decided to watch the sun set overlooking Table Mountain. This area is famous for its awesome surfing, kite-surfing and wind-surfing which you can see from this image above. Besides being wrapped in sand, we bought us two sugar cones and sat in the car, admiring the sheer beauty of Cape Town.

Until the next adventure!