Time to pick Roses at Chart Farm

The power of influence is when you see a place on social media and, discover a new place like Chart Farm in Wynberg.

Located in the Southern suburbs, it’s a place one never knew existed offering that farm-style flower retreat for people who are obsessed with gorgeous flowers.

We arrived, handed in our car keys (meant for security purposes), grabbed a bucket and a cutter and, off we went strolling through the haven of roses.

chart farmCHART FARM

For every stem you cut, it usually costs R5.00. Luckily for us, it went for R3.50.

The yellow roses caught my eyes immediately. They are different and rather unique. Because roses have thorns, walking along the path, you bound to scratch yourself a few times.

After about an hour choosing only the best ones, we returned to the counter and paid for the bunch of beautiful flowers.

chart farmchart farm

If you’re looking to do something different this year around, why not make a turn at the Chart Farm. Make a day of it by booking a seat at their restaurant; overlooking a magnificent view of Constantia Village.

Until the next adventure.

Stephanie Marthinus Blog