Chart Farm

Whenever I view amazing pictures on social media platforms, I always turn the phone to Courtney and tell him, “we’re going there”. And that’s the precise thing I did when someone recently posted an image of themselves surrounded by roses and I instantly knew that’s how I wanted to spend my last day of 2016.

Upon arrival, we were a bit excited so we got there pretty early – before nine. Funny enough, there were a few people there; ready to be mesmerised by the bright yet overwhelmingly beautiful roses. Chart Farm is situated near Wynberg Park which offers a farm-style flower retreat; more like a luxury retreat for people who are obsessed with gorgeous flowers.

chart farmCHART FARM

When the gates opened, we looked around to see if anyone was new to this as we were but alas, it was just us – the new guys. At the reception were these two helpful ladies who laughed when I said I have no idea how this process works. Firstly, you need to hand in your car keys as a deposit then you get handed a bucket, a glove and clippers. For each stem you cut, it usual goes for R5.00 but we were lucky that it went for R3.50. I do know that the prices have increased since then.

The weather was perfect to pick roses and of course, I run to the yellow ones because they were so different and unique in colour. I did, however prick my entire body as I moved myself into the tiny lanes to cut off what I thought were the best of the bunch. Even Courtney had fun choosing some roses and putting it in the bucket like we were small kids again.

chart farmchart farm

If you’re looking to do something different this year around, why not make a turn at the Chart Farm. Also, they have a restaurant which serves breakfast and lunches with a magnificent view of Constantia Village.

Until the next adventure.