Why You Should Embrace Travel in Winter

Traveling in winter has many pros. I know it’s not the same as basking in the sunshine with a cocktail in hand but there’s a lot to be said for traveling in winter.

A crackling fireplace with a bottle of red wine, listening to the rain, and standing in no queues. That alone should entice anyone to book a winter getaway.

When is Winter in South Africa

Winter in South Africa is typically from June to August. However, it’s still cold and can rain in the months of September and October.

Depending on which province you find yourself in, often winter is synonymous with gale-force winds, rain, hail, and even snow in colder regions.

Why you should Travel in Winter

South Africans, in particular, tend to travel mostly in the spring and summer. But there’s much to be said and experienced about traveling during the winter months and off-peak season.

Here are great reasons why your next trip should be during the cold:

Lower accommodation rates

Accommodation rates between May to August are cut by almost 50% due it being low-season which makes it the ideal period to book as many accommodations as possible at the fraction of the cost.

If not, you more than welcome to make use of my Airbnb discount code.

No Crowds

Besides the low accommodation costs, there are fewer crowds and less hassle when navigating popular tourism sites or destinations.

Take your time and beat not standing in long queues that are normally crowded. You can even book a special table at a restaurant you couldn’t get a reservation for.

PS: Some places do close during the off-peak season so make sure to contact the places first.

The Winter Foods

Warm dishes in South Africa like Cape Malay curries, Potjies, and even Braais is a staple during winter and, every restaurant has its own winter menus packed with rich and flavourful foods.

Not forgetting the infamous Malva pudding and custard on a cold, winters day.

Best Time for a Safari

It might be the wettest months in many provinces but in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and KwaZulu Natal its actually dry which equals limited water supply and sparse vegetation.

It’s the prime time to view the Big 5 because water is so scarce during this period, you’re likely to find the aminals gathering around watering holes.

Explore Wine Cellars

Sometimes the weather can be miserable so why not make a date with a wine cellar tour?

It’s the perfect excuse to get out of the house and indulge in South Africa’s premium wines and, learn a thing or three about the wine industry.

Take a Hike

Winter is the ideal time to get out and be active so a great activity to do is hiking when days are cool and clear.

If you want to view the sunrise, the sun only rises at 7 am so you can still sleep a bit longer.

Wildflower Season

Wildflower season begins in July and blooms until the first week of September. Here’s what you need to know about the flower season.

Circle a few dates to pay a visit to the Darling Flower Festival or contact the Weskus Flower hotline for more information.

So dust off your knitwear, a beanie and, your travel suitcase and, experience the delights of South Africa in winter.

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Till the next small town.

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