Floral extravaganza at the Darling Flower Festival

Spend a slow Sunday afternoon at the Darling Flower Festival who celebrated it’s 100 Anniversary with spectacular blooms bursting in colour.

With September being the best time to view them! We even have Canola fields far and wide.

Just an hour away from Cape Town, the tiny town of Darling transform its local hall into a spectacular exhibition of vibrant displays of plants, fauna and flora and, flamboyant blooms to the world.

Loose, cool clothes are the order of the day. Don’t forget your hat. The sun is pretty dangerous.

But did you know that this region houses more than 1200 species of flourishing plants, and has about 80 species of the flowers?

Sounds like a flower party to me. Don’t you agree?

Which all took place from 14 – 17 September 2017. I know. I’m far behind with the time.

Live music, tons of food stalls and, an array of local craft makers displaying their intriguing artistic skills, you can spend hours as we did; amazed by the talent and sucked into eating local cuisines at each corner.

Yet not only were the flowers the highlight of the festival. The tractor ride sure took the cake; riding around the pristine wetland at Oude Post. What better way to view flowers if not in close proximity.

The gritty tourist sure seems excited, nestling themselves on stacks of hay on the drawn back wagon.

Better to be in the front. I don’t want to miss a thing.

Taking off along the dusty, rampage path and, over a railway track, the flower spree adventure is beginning.

Orange, white, purple and yellow spots all showing off their new colour variations.

A 40-minute ride in the blistering sun is indeed worth it; surrounded by the smell of nature and the fresh coming of spring.

But the sun made us thirsty and surprisingly hungry too.

With so many food selections, it’s hard to pick just one.

Oooh, that track smells good. Let’s see what they have.

Can’t resist my potato fries with a much-added surprise. Chicken pops!

Delicious and crunchy. Can I get seconds, please?

While Courtney stuck to his crunchy, chicken burger, dripped in the sauce.

Combined with the best views of the Platteland town, I can’t wait for next year’s flower festival once more.

Can I get a bite of your burger?

For more information regarding the yearly festival, visit the Darling Wildflower Society website here.

Until the next day trip.