Cliché, I know but thought it would be a fun idea to get a little in-depth read of my life lately and expose some things I’ve been getting or will get up too. So continue reading to get the scope. Don’t have an exciting life but hey, who knows? Continue reading

Small towns are often forgotten and I understand why. We never dream of exploring towns we can’t even pronounce let alone towns in our own city. Continue reading

Life is full of tough decisions, and nothing makes them easy. But the worst ones are really your personal koans, and tormenting ambivalence is just the sense of satori rising. Try, trust, try, and trust again, and eventually you’ll feel your mind change its focus to a new level of understanding.
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“Have you noticed that even the busiest people are never too busy to take time to tell you how busy they are?”
― Bob Talbert

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The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance – Nathaniel Branden

I’ve turned my back on the Public Relations industry and, I couldn’t be happier for the lack of a better word to walk away from a life I no longer aspire to continue doing. Continue reading

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