Little Life Update

Cliché, I know but thought it would be a fun idea to get a little in-depth read of my life lately and expose some things I’ve been getting or will get up too. So continue reading to get the scope. Don’t have an exciting life but hey, who knows?

A lot has changed in some areas while other things have stayed the same and, that’s probably how life is. You take the good with the bad and move forward. So grab a cup of coffee or tea if that is your preferred beverage because this will be a chatty one.

Life: Many aren’t aware but, Courtney and I got engaged in July. In Hermon. I haven’t really revealed much on social media because I wanted to have this moment to myself even though most parts of my life is shared to all of you. It was a sweet proposal. I cried a little. With mud on my feet from taking a picture, I said yes, obviously. Three months down and we already have a date, a venue and a list of everything we need to cover for the big day next year. Things are moving at a fast pace but I like planning so it’s going smoothly, for now.

Travels: We’ve been traveling quite a bit and, these last few weeks we just stayed home and threw ourselves into work. However, in exactly two days time, Courtney and I will be embarking on an 11-day road trip visiting 8 towns (one we’ve been too already) in two provinces: Western and Eastern Cape. Towards the end of each year, we go big as we have done in Durban last year and now we’re doing an epic road trip along the Garden Route, Beach coastlines and getting to do a safari at the Addo National Park. It’s going to be fun yet fast-paced but something exciting to look forward too. October will also be our last trip on our travel itinerary which is bittersweet on my end but we’ll be saving much of our money for the wedding so our travels will be put on hold.

Blog: I’ve seen significant growth since transitioning from fashion to travel. I still do small bits of fashion content but I think it was confusing much of my audience which type of blogger I am. Last few months, I met so many influential travel bloggers I connect with on a daily basis and many times I had a fangirl moment (weirdo). They were ambitious, driven and humorous to be around. Smaller towns have started to notice my blog so a few have asked us to explore their most remote towns which is great because that’s what we love; supporting local and promoting them as best we can.

Work: Now that we literally have three months left of 2017, work is on overload. Besides the two jobs I’m already juggling, I decided to take on two new seasonal projects (Why I said yes is beyond me) to gain more experience into designing websites. It’s scary to take on this new role but exciting that people have faith that I’m able to take on the tasks. Of course, I’m upfront if I’m unable to do something but learning to deal with the crises is the best way to learn.

Health: Well, it’s not going well in this department. I have yet to consult with a doctor but I’ve been getting consecutive daily headaches. I’ve been suffering from severe migraines for years but the last month has been getting out of hand. I’m hoping to visit my GP real soon on a few other health-related issues as well.

Hope it wasn’t that long of a read!

Until next time.

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