I finally have my Public Relations Management Degree and even though it was my second graduation ceremony, it still was a momentous achievement to relive. Continue reading

Ever feel like you in a job for just surviving? You wake up feeling energized, eager to go to work and now, no longer have that leap to even get out of bed because as soon as your salary goes in, the sooner it goes out? Continue reading

My partner and I recently celebrated our three year anniversary and usually, we always buy each other a specific gift that he or I have been eyeing for a long time but I got tired buying the same things that we probably already have so I opted for us to do a photo shoot. Continue reading

I started blogging about five months ago and, whilst I call myself a blogger, I have yet to establish myself in the bloggers-sphere market which has grown enormously over the last few years in South Africa and around the world. Continue reading

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