Let’s Chat with Coffee

“Have you noticed that even the busiest people are never too busy to take time to tell you how busy they are?”
― Bob Talbert

It’s been four months since I last wrote a Chat post and I probably would’ve said it’s because I’ve been so busy but that will paint the picture of me being a complete liar. Let’s just say I’ve been handling things and by things I mean, my life (how cliché)?

Today, I’ll be merely sharing with you an update on what is going on in the life of Stephanie so grab a cup of coffee because it’s a long read.

Since the last post, I spoke about me leaving the PR industry or just my second job. Well, that hasn’t happened at all. It was set that I would only work until the end of 2016 but once I placed the ad for my role and the CV’s came rolling in, my boss asked if I could stay on as a Consultant for the next two months which happens to almost pass it’s expiring date while looking for my replacement. At this present time, I don’t foresee it happening at all. So I’m probably going to stay on for another few months.

During all of that commotion, I applied to do my BA Honours in Integrated Organisational Communications. Ever since I started my tertiary education journey, I always said that I will go full circle – Diploma, Degree, Honours, and technically speaking my Masters and Doctorate. So far I’ve completed the first two, took a year break and decided to study again; this time from the comfort of my home. I then had a long battle with the application process where I fought tooth and nail to get in and last week I got the news that I immediately registered to secure my place. If I had to be real honest, just after registering I started having doubts if I’ll be capable to complete the two modules I registered for simply because of the work schedule I’m experiencing. Unfortunately, I paid and I can’t let that money go to waste.

You might also have noticed that I fired my sister as my photographer. That sounds so weird actually typing it out but yes, I had to let her go. She and I from day one never had a sister relationship because we are honestly so different from one another that we simply just tolerated each other because we had too. People always say that a siblings bond is special yet it’s not always true. We just don’t have it and what pissed me off the most was that I was actually paying for her services but got dictated when she felt like doing it. I now passed on the role to Courtney – he kinda didn’t have a choice. Just look at his Instagram bio.

Travels is definitely high on my list. Last year we went to Durban so we thought that every end of the year, we should visit either another province or another country. I thought of visiting Namibia. However, now that I’m studying again it was a bit too pricy so we doing an 8-day road trip from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and back. Our first option was to fly and then hire a car but when we saw the hiring prices, we decided to use our car and drive there ourselves. At this stage of the year, I’m figuring out the logistics and how much we need to save to make this a memorable trip. In the meantime, we have about three weekends away planned – one happens to take place in the next two weeks and we’ll be doing lots of smaller activities in and around the city.

Another exciting event on my radar is that I’m redesigning my blog 🙂 I’m still in the free website template and it’s now come to the point where I’m completely running out of space. I actually have to delete older posts to make space for the current ones which I really don’t want to be doing. I’m also going to be changing my domain name to tailor it to my uniqueness. Many have been saying why am I spending money on a blog that doesn’t bring in any income? The answer is is that I love this platform. I love informing people about my experiences and my style. It also allows me to be sane if I had a crappy full working day. And it makes me happy.

Small updates:

    • I have blonde highlights now and I believe I look decent to show my face in public.
    • Courtney is still fighting with this incompetent mechanic since August 2016. After a month and half of trying to get the invoices from him, all hell broke out on my side. I personally no longer speak to that man despite Courtney popping by and I’m waiting in the car.
    • Cape Town is currently in a draught so we now having to place buckets everywhere and use the excess water to water our garden and wash our cars.

I want to get engaged this year and I’m throwing so many hints Courtney’s way that I don’t think he gets it. Need a new plan! Help!!

Until the next chat.