Hout Bay is more than just the harbour

Hout Bay is more than just the harbour

Along the Atlantic seaboard is a bustling town filled with culture, heritage, and vibrancy. Yet has many restaurants, fun-filled activities and unique experiences nestled between two mountain peaks.

If you Capetonian or visit the Western Cape often, we all have special memories attached to Hout Bay, I hope. I certainly do! Only 20 minutes away from Central Cape Town, this charming little town of Hout Bay is known as a top destination to explore amongst locals and internationally. However, it’s more than just a simple walk to eat fish and chips at the harbour. There are virtually so many places to visit, you might not be able to explore them all.

If you don’t have the entire weekend to spare, try doing a staycation. You might be thinking, “What all can I do for such a short period?”. The short answer is lots!

Where to stay

Hout Bay is more than just the harbour

With over 100 accommodation listings in this town alone, it might be difficult to pick your next stay. The Salt House is one place to consider which overlooks the Hout Bay valley and if you look closely, you can see the ocean.

It’s fairly new but has 8 bedrooms; each with its own character and charm. This B&B consists of a comfortable bed, bathroom facility, television, bar fridge, and a magnificent patio to enjoy sundowners on. It’s family-friendly with a pool for the whole family to enjoy as well as a play area for the kids.

Hout Bay is more than just the harbour

Breakfast is mandatory with a spread you cannot ignore. Freshly baked muffins, an array of cereals, fresh fruits, and hot coffee, it will surely make your morning. Choose from the menu on the table the hot morning meal of your choice and enjoy the scenery.

Location: 19 Luisa Way, Hout Bay | Contact: 021 791 1357 | Website: http://thesalthouse.co.za/

What to do

Hout Bay is more than just the harbour

You definitely won’t get bored with all the unimaginable activities this town has to offer. From vineyards to arts and crafts, there’s definitely something for everyone. Here’s what I got up to during the staycation:

Beer tasting with Urban brewery

It’s become customary to do beer tasting; particularly in small-towns so naturally, it’s an activity many (not all) would enjoy. Urban brewery has been around since 2015 and already has five different beers on the market; each with an unusual story behind it.

You’ll taste all 5 beers namely; The Monkey’s Paw Pilsner, Judas Peak Blonde Ale, SS Maori Dry Cider, Dungeons Stout Ale, and the Talisman Weiss Beer while you appreciate the live music.

Hout Bay is more than just the harbour

Location: Urban Brewing Co., 31 Harbour Road, Hout Bay | Times: Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00am – 20:00pm and Mondays from 17:00pm – 20:00pm | Contact: 021 791 1130 | Website: http://urbanbrewery.co.za/#home

Enjoy ice-cream at Sinnfull

If you looking for homemade ice-cream on a perfect summer day, then make sure to pop in at Sinnfull. It has a fascinating story on how it all started back in 2002 with its first store begin in Camps Bay. Today, you can experience over 450 different ice-cream flavours such as Heavenly Hash, Aero, and Turkish Delight.

Hout Bay is more than just the harbour

Location: Harbour Rd, Hout Bay | Times: Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am – 17:00pm, Fridays from 11:00am – 19:00pm and, Saturday and Sundays from 11:00am – 18:00pm | Contact: 021 790 8143 | Website: http://www.sinnfull.co.za/about.htm

Eat like a local at Fish on the Rocks

Situated at the end of the harbour, Fish on the Rocks has been around for nearly 40 years and still serves the best fish and chips in the area. With a variety of seafood meals to choose from, you surely will experience an authentic Hout Bay feast. Get the best view by sitting outside and watch the speed boats go by while seagulls fly above you.

Hout Bay is more than just the harbour

Location: 1 Harbour Rd, Hout Bay | Times: Monday to Sunday from 09:00am – 20:00pm | Contact: 021 790 0001 | Website: http://www.fishontherocks.co.za/

Take a hike with Karbonkelberg Tourism

Known as the resident Karbonkelberg hikers, Brent Thomas, Donita Packups, and Colin Delcarme know Karbonkelberg mountain from the back of their hand. The trails range from basic to complex; depending on how you would like your journey to be. It’s not just a basic hike, it’s extremely educational with insight into the history of the Khoi Sans, the tales of the mountains, and how Rastafarians came to exist.

Hout Bay is more than just the harbour

Brent’s wife is a herbalist and came along the 12km walk with her knowledge of plants and explained what the medical uses are. It was incredibly insightful and interesting, to say the least.

Even the most unfit person can do this trail. The team is extremely patient and go according to your pace. The views are breathtaking; overlooking Seal Island.

Location: Block C3, Hout Bay | Contact: 084 099 6601 | Website: http://karbonkelbergtourism.co.za/index.html

Here’s a little video showing you my Staycation in Hout Bay

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Till the next adventure.

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Hout Bay is more than just the harbour