Escape to the seaside Pringle Bay

I drive past Pringle Bay all the time when I feel the urge to spend time at my favourite getaway spot in Kleinmond but never thought for a minute that Pringle Bay had much to contribute in the world of travel. 

Beautifully secluded from the busy life of Cape Town, this town is merely an hour away on the scenic drive of Clearance Drive.

A drive I often get lost in thought on.

Just follow the open road weaving through the Hangklip mountain, starring at magnificent views of natural beauty, along ominously rocky sea edges and keep going till you find the protected area.

With about 1600 citizens; mostly made up of retirees, Pringle Bay is named after the Royal Navy Commander-in-Chief of the Simons Town Naval Base in the late eighteen’s century, Sir Thomas Pringle. This town was actually going to be developed as a port so that farm produce could be shipped across the bay to Simons Town.

As a laidback kind of ‘Klein dorpie’ (small town), Pringle Bay is set within the natural beauty of the Kogelberg Biosphere and, it’s the only reserve in South Africa to be proclaimed by UNESCO, which supports over 1600 species of fynbos; 150 of which are endemic.

Things to do while in Pringle Bay

There are so many restaurants to choose from so note that you’ll definitely not go hungry. There aren’t that many activities within the town itself but that makes it even worthwhile to explore.

Farm stall envy at Lemon and Lime

Farm stalls is a must when exploring towns. They always have something unique to offer like their take on homemade jams and rusks. Enjoy a good hearty meal complimented with various selections of wine and bubbly. Don’t forget to make space for a giant slice of milk tart or a piece of lemon meringue.

Opening times: Mon – Thurs from 09:00am to 17:00pm, Fri 09:00am to 19:00pm, Sat 09:00 to 18:00pm and Sun 09:00am to 14:00pm| Address: 8 Central Road, Pringle Bay | Contact:  073 698 0737 | Website:

Spend some time at the beach

Being a seaside town, make sure to pack in a towel and some snacks and, take a dip in the sea. With a relaxed atmosphere and virtually no tourist in sight, you can definitely fall asleep with the sound of the waves crashing against the steep cliffs.

Have lunch at Simply Coffee

Simply Coffee is a great coffee jewel. Since it was Sunday, lunch was on the cards. Look out for their specials on the blackboards placed outside. We went for sirloin steak drizzled in a BBQ sauce with slices of potatoes and hot vegetables.

Opening times: Tues – Sat from 08:00am to 23:00pm, Sun 08:00am – 16:00pm | Address: 1860 Peak Road, Pringle Bay | Contact: 028 423 3440

Take a drive home along Clarence Drive

Clarence Drive is one of the most scenic routes to travel on with spectacular views of the coast and mountain landscapes. The 30-mile drive is one of the best in the world and I thoroughly enjoy stopping and admiring the big ocean. You will encounter baboons but they harmless. Just make sure to pack away all food items.

Here are a few other places worth visiting in Pringle Bay:

  • Chadoka Art Studio: Founded by Takura Chadoka, this art studio is known for it’s bold and bright artistic creations. Make sure to make an appointment to view the impressive art collection. Contact:  078 662 7105
  • Harold Porter Botanical Gardens: Love being outdoors? Take a walk through the garden where they known for the richest flora. The garden has amazing waterfalls and amber pools which is great for the kids to enjoy. Contact: 028 272 9311

Travel Tips

Getting there: Take a drive along Clarence Drive which takes roughly over an hour to get there.

When to go: It’s relatively quiet throughout the year besides during the festive season seeing that everyone wants a holiday by the seaside. The town also hosts a Pringle Bay Festival that’s taking place from 27-29 April 2018 which is all about working towards ocean conservation.

What to expect: Some roads are still untarred but it’s not that bad. There are loads of eateries to choose from and the walk to the beach is lengthy through the sand.

Until the next adventure.