21 Things you didn’t know about me

As much as I share a lot of what I do on social media, I’m pretty much a private person. I share all about my travels and where I dine but never anything personal. So to start off 2018, let me give you an introduction to myself.

Sharing unusual quirks of myself I don’t normally share with the world. So here’s me getting deep and personal:

1. I’m the world’s most fussy eater. I don’t eat anything that has unusual names, raw fish is a no-no, bread spreads or a handful of vegetables that either doesn’t look appealing or has no taste I won’t touch.

2. I’m a total book worm which many will find weird. Ten years ago, you would’ve never seen me even pick up a book let alone read one other than school material. The minute I entered University, my love affair with paper and words blossomed and currently have a small collection of over 100 books and counting.

3. No one is more stubborn than me and, Courtney can vouch for it. I hate being told what to do unless I truly agree with someone.

4. Never judge my character. It’s true. Last year an incident occurred at work where my employer judged me on a bad day and, I had to say my say.

5. I’ve never been overseas but don’t worry, one day when I win the lottery, I’ll be on a jet plane.

6. Spiders and big dogs are not my friends. I literally run in the other direction and I live near a nature reserve.

7. My mind constantly works overtime and I overthink everything. You won’t see me in bed before 2 am.

8. I suffer from severe pains on both sides of my hips. I’ve gone to numerous doctors in and around Cape Town and, no one knows what it is – even my mom suffers from it and we cannot be correctly diagnosed.

9. You wouldn’t think this but I’m an introvert. Coming from a communications background, people automatically assume I’m an outspoken person but really, I can’t wait to curl into my little corner.

10. I always wanted to be a Civil Engineer. I worked for two weeks on a building site and couldn’t get enough of it. How times have changed.

11. I can’t cook to save my life. I never loved being in the kitchen other than to fetch food in the fridge. I feel sorry for Courtney already.

12. Even though my favourite colour is green, I’m obsessed with all the clothing in shades of blue. You don’t want to peek into my closet.

13. As much as I love fashion and able to put together a decent outfit, I suck at dressing up for big occasions hence why I still don’t have any wedding dress styles in mind.

14. I love heels but can’t walk in them at all.

15. You can bribe me with chocolate any day. This is why I can never lose weight.

16. I’m forgetful regarding event details in my life. When Courtney asks me if I remember a certain day, I’m a blank page.

17. I have my license for the last two years but can’t drive to save my life.

18. I don’t believe in making my bed. Why make it up when I’m going to get right back in it tonight?

19. Don’t look under my bed. I’m a complete hoarder.

20. I’m a movie freak. I watch one nearly every week at the cinema.

21. I get allergic reactions from eating cake. The only cake I can consume is carrot cake and eat eclairs.

And there you have it. Hope you know me much better than on social media.

Until next time.