7 Things to do in Riversdale

Popular towns often overshadow the smaller ones; making it lesser known to the greater public. It’s towns like the one we exploring who open their hearts, greet you with a warm smile, and often make you feel like you’re right at home. 

Courtney and I recently came back from our road trip; ticking off another small town on our map. This time we chose to venture off to the town of Riversdale; a town many would merely drive pass without giving an ounce of thought to turn into. It lies just off the N2 along the coastal Garden Route where this small agricultural town furnishes one with many surprises.

7 Things to do in the town of Riversdale

Founded in 1838, it’s well-known for its abundance of indigenous Fynbos. However, we didn’t get to see any with the drought being quite harsh on the vegetation in the last few years.

It’s said to come back in September for their popular flower show that takes place every year.

Here are 7 of our highlights we think might spark an interest for your next road trip:

7 Things to do in the town of Riversdale

Visit the Julius Gordon Africana Centre

Julius Gordon was born in Riversdale in 1892. After his travels and obtaining a number of qualifications, Gordon left all his furnishings and valuable paintings to display in the Versfeld House. The house belongs to Theodore Versfeld who passed on in 1960.

The House officially opened in 1966 where it displays old antiques that make reminisce of back in the days. Since the paintings are precious possessions, without permission, you can’t take any images.

Address: 29 Lower Long St, Riversdale, 6670 | Phone: 028 713 7939

7 Things to do in the town of Riversdale

Pitstop at Die Old Tronk

This is one interesting place and has everything under one building – a coffee shop, craft and curio market, nursery, museum, and a local meeting place.

Built-in 1838, this building was originally a trading post up until Gilbert Hay was executed for murdering his mother back in 1860 that it got converted into a jailhouse, a police Office Courthouse as well as Wardens accommodation.

Today, the cells are transformed into a series of shops with fascinating crafts.

Don’t mind a quick stay and enjoy a cup of coffee in the courtyard under the various fruit trees.

Address: Murant Street, 6670 Riversdale, Western Cape, South Africa | Phone: 028 713 4300 | Website: Visit here.

Explore the many churches

Churches play a significant role in smaller towns and it’s often seen as a location where the community can come together as one. There are about 10 churches erected in the town; all with different building styles and steeped in loads of history.

7 Things to do in the town of Riversdale
7 Things to do in the town of Riversdale

Drive towards ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Riversdale is well-known as “The home of Sleeping Beauty”. Why? Because forming in the background is a perfect silhouette that resembles Sleeping Beauty. We wouldn’t have known it existed if a local resident didn’t point it out to us so we drove towards the farmland and ended up pulling over to get a closer view.

7 Things to do in the town of Riversdale

Wine Tasting at Baleia wines

About a 5-minute drive South towards Albertina, you’ll find a small vineyard and a great winery. For only R35, it includes a wine tasting of 4 of their signature wines namely; the 2014 Inge Chardonnay, 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, 2014 Erhard Pinot Noir, and their 2016 Tempranillo.

The farm belongs to the Jobert family but the man behind the exquisite wines is Abraham de Klerk. It’s a relatively small estate but offers great hospitality and a glimpse through their cellar. Make sure to spend at least an hour chatting with the tasting manager, Kylie, and having more than just a few tasters.

Address: N2 – National Road, Riversdale | Phone: 087 234 8621 | Website: https://www.baleiawines.com/

7 Things to do in the town of Riversdale

Eat at La Bella Deli and Restuarant

Established in 2013, it’s right next to Baleia wines which are owned by the same family. It’s ideal to eat after having a few wine tastings. They offer an array of items from serving wholesome breakfasts, jam-packed lunches, and freshly baked treats.

Address: N2, Riversdale | Phone: 028 713 1178 | Website: https://www.baleiawines.com/la-bella

7 Things to do in the town of Riversdale

Browse through Caboodels

Caboodels is a highly sought-after gift and furniture store; offering locals and tourists alike interesting and unique gift items to take back home. If you like this sort of thing, you’ll find yourself spending hours going through all the fascinating items as I did.

Address: N2 Highway just outside Riversdale | Phone: 028 713 2055

7 Things to do in the town of Riversdale

Riversdale may be right next to the highway but if you’re looking to explore a town that offers many activities, I suggest spending a day or two for a family-filled day. There were so many places to still visit but as usual, the time got the better of us. Maybe it’s the perfect excuse to plan another trip to the Sleeping Beauty town.

Travel Tips

How to get there: The drive is approximately three hours from Cape Town along the N2 highway.

Best time to go: I would suggest during off-peak season; usually during May and August when it’s not that touristy. Make sure to bring a jacket along because it gets extremely cold in the area.

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Till the next adventure.

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7 Highlights of our trip to Riversdale