6 Romantic Small Towns in the Western Cape

The Western Cape is full of charming small towns that’s ideal for romance, embracing a slower pace of life with beautiful backdrops, quaint local stores and, architectural gems.

Walk hand-in-hand with your significant other and spend a few days exploring secluded beaches, wineries, picnic-friendly spots, and take pleasure to the quiet ambiance away from the kids.

Read on to discover some of the 6 most romantic small towns to visit in the Western Cape.

1. Paternoster

One of the oldest fishing towns in the Western Cape, Paternoster is a little slice of paradise packed with surprises.

From whitewashed cottages, coastal shorelines for picnics on the beach, lovely restaurants to dine at and, a place to simply unwind, this entire village brings a romantic air of nostalgia. 

2. Nuy Valley

Nuy Valley is a small village between Worcester and Robertson. It’s a place to kick off your shoes, talk in a whisper of your partner’s ear while you gaze at the neighbouring mountain landscapes and vineyards.

It is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Cape Winelands on the popular Route 62, there is a number of romantic getaways; overlooking the majestic Langeberg Mountains, right in the heart of a farming community. 

3. Prince Albert

Having been to Prince Albert twice now, it’s a great town for a romantic getaway.

You will find plenty of spots for solitude and seclusion, tons of picturesque coffee shops, and arid landscapes that overlook the sunset above the horizon.

For romantic activities, make sure to rent out bicycles or browse its antique shops. Then trek up the Koppie to watch the sun go down before heading back to your B&B.

4. McGregor

As a sacred site where artists, healers and, vibrant residents reside, McGregor is a hotspot for couples and honeymooners, alike.

It’s a great place for an intimate getaway. Today, McGregor still retains the quaintness of a 19th-century with its whitewashed cottages and its old stone irrigation channels.

Make sure to relax with a glass of wine at any of the wineries, eat at a few restaurants in the area and, appreciate the apparent low key atmosphere.

5. Swellendam

A perfect escape from the big city, Swellendam boasts a romantic charm that you won’t find in nearby towns. 

Sitting along the N2, it’s rugged landscapes and charming ambiance lure in couples that are looking for a quiet outdoorsy atmosphere.

Take a drive to Bontebok National Park and view more than 300 bontebok and other wildlife, take a long walk in the main road and, sit outside at one of the many coffee shops or restaurants in the town.

6. Jacobs Baai

Jacobs Baai is a great place to get away from it all – A seaside town nestled between Vredenburg and Saldanha Bay.

Famous for its abundance of seafood and wildflowers in the Spring, Jacobs Baai is great for its serene atmosphere, the slow pace of life and, its azure blue sea views.

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Till the next town.

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