5 Underrated West Coast Small Towns

5 Underrated West Coast Small Towns

The Cape West Coast is familiar for its pristine beaches, lovable communities, and incredible mountain ranges but there are some towns that are underrated along Route 27.

There are so many West Coast towns worth exploring, many underestimate the series of quaint historic towns and fishing villages have to offer. Some can be the perfect day trip or a relaxing holiday the whole family can enjoy.

Here are five towns that are underrated along the West Coast:


A historic Swartland town known as Porterville is still unfamiliar to many; situated on the scenic Olifants River Mountains.

Porterville is the town famililar for the rare Disa flower, where only the rarest sulphur-yellow Disa can be found in this town.

It’s also a world-famous spot for paragliding and hand gliding during the summer; launching from Dasklip Pass. This Pass has narrow spots for those advert adventurers but spectacular views and worth the experience.

2. Jacobs Bay

An isolated fishing village located midway between Vredenberg and Saldanha Bay with seven individual bays like Kwaaibaai which is popular amongst surfers is a unique spot for holiday goers.

This town has a variety of wildlife that includes jackal, duiker, steenbok, and tortoise. It’s certainly a hidden treasure with only one 80-seater restaurant overlooking the coast where whales and dolphins can often be spotted.

3. St Helena Bay

St Helena Bay comprises 18 small bays with names such as Hannasbaai and Vioolbaai but is one of the world’s principal fishing centres; bringing in abundant sea life.

With tons of unspoiled beaches and fascinating boulders, it’s fast becoming a popular tourist destination; not only for the view but for the Southern Right Whales who come into the bay to calve from August to November.

4. Goedverwacht

A small mission village that’s often overlooked was originally a farm known as Burgershoek until the Moravian missionaries acquired the land in 1889.

This historical town is well-known for its annual Snoek and Pattat Fees, usually held in June. The festival is a reminder of the town having to rely on sweet potatoes to get them through winter. The town has a few hiking trails, a lovely flower festival over Easter, and don’t forget to pop into the local coffee shop in the Main Road.

5. Elands Bay

Many would think there’s nothing to do in this town so no need to visit. However, it’s an amazing spot for dolphin and whale watching. Also, you can’t miss the obvious attraction than the surfers, who come all over the world to surf in Elands Bay.

Once a crayfish town still has a few attractions like the caves of the Bushman Art, stroll along the beach, and the perfect setting of hours of sweet nothingness.

There’s an abundance of small West Coast towns being overlooked or underrated. If you just do a bit of research and you will find something truly unique about that region.

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Till the next small town.

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5 Underrated West Coast Small Towns