Holiday Inspiration

Courtney and I have made travelling part of our daily lives so finding inspiration on where to stay and what to do is not so easy as many might think it is. Sometimes we need just one visual image to lure us in or tons of research before taking the plunge.

Everywhere you look, travel inspiration is in your face; whether you on social media or in conversation with someone. You see idyllic destinations in magazines, read about towns and cities in books or simply fantasize about being in another world. Yet, it can be overwhelming if you can’t pinpoint exactly where you want to be.

If we need a bit of help narrowing down exactly what you’re looking for, start reading articles or searching for what type of holiday you’re going for. Is it to be close to the ocean? Do you want to be near nature? Or, does the country side fancy your travel lust? Start with what holiday mode you feel like doing then search for great areas that cater for it. Sometimes we want to do all three so why not save those places on a list and go back to them later.

Once you’ve established what holiday you in for, start organising by looking at your budget, or which season is more appropriate to go in. I will go into more detail with this travel series over time but don’t overthink things too much because the minute you do, you end up opting out of giving yourself or your family a well deserved holiday. Too many people feel that there’s too many logistical items to make the holiday memorable and then chicken out.

If it’s the first time that you taking a holiday, start small. By small I mean going to a place that’s an hour drive away and ask yourself why you want to go there and, how long do you want to be there? Then make up your budget and search for places within your financial requirements. Going on holiday doesn’t require you spend money all the time. Look for budget friendly options and have fun.

Stay tuned for the next part of our Travel Series, that will cover our planning process.

Until the next Travel Series.