9 Tips to pack for a Winter Weekend

9 Tips to pack for a Winter Weekend

We now in the midst of winter and many of us don’t feel like leaving our beds let alone stay in another one. But if we find ourselves booking a winter getaway, this is how I pack for a weekend stay. 

We all own that one-weekend bag that we make use of for every trip. I have a simple white and blue stripe bag that goes everywhere with me. It’s literally family. But the quantity changes as the season changes. Summer is ideal and I usually have so much room left because the fabric is thin and I only wear dresses. Winter is a bit different.

The fabric is thicker which doesn’t give you much to pack in a tiny weekend bag. Also, we tend to layer more because it’s either extremely cold and we need to stay warm so we pack more clothing. Even with the thickness, you can still stay warm and have a fashionable travel wardrobe with a few simple tips.

1. Start with the bag

The bag I use is a lightweight bag and the right size to fit inside our boot. It’s ideal for every season; whether it be winter or summer and, it was rather inexpensive. I paid about R170 for it two years ago but it fits all my essentials. Find a bag that you will love but practical for any trip you find yourself going on.

2. Only 3 pairs of shoes

Shoes are the heaviest items to carry. Why 3 pairs? The weather is often unpredictable and can change in an instant. So I make sure to include a pair of boots that goes with every outfit, a pair of sneakers if you going hiking or walking long distances and, a pair of lightweight shoes for just a casual affair or if the sun comes out.

9 Tips to pack for a Winter Weekend

3. Leave the oversized items

Oversized winter coats are great, but they also take up a ton of space. Consider packing thinner layers to meet your need for warmth, but not weight.

9 Tips to pack for a Winter Weekend

4. Only 3 long tops

Long sleeve tops are a basic necessity in a winter wardrobe and so should it be in your travel bag. I pack in 3 to wear for each day. It’s lightweight but practical and often the first layer you wear for any outfit; if you not wearing a winter dress.

9 Tips to pack for a Winter Weekend

5. Add those knits

Knits are a must; especially if you staying in the middle of nature. I generally pack a knitted jersey or even a knitted cardigan to wear over a long sleeve top, a scarf to keep your neck warm and of course, a beanie!

9 Tips to pack for a Winter Weekend

6. Pants for the win

I pack two pairs of pants and two pairs of leggings/tights just in case I mess on one or want to be comfortable. I’ll often lean towards just wearing tights for comfort which I know we all do.

9 Tips to pack for a Winter Weekend

7. Add those extras

This includes all your undergarments, pairs of thick socks and throws in a camisole or two if you wear those. I often pack in my own towel and include two small beauty bags; one that has all my toiletries and one for beauty products.

8. Roll your clothes

I abide by this rule all the time but rolling your clothes minimizes space instead of just folding them that takes up way too much room. You can add even a few not-so-necessary items you want to pack in.

9. Accessories

I don’t really do accessories but sunglasses are a go-to for me. I pack in at least two pairs; one dark and one slightly in a lighter accent. Besides hair ties and a brush, I sometimes throw in a straw hat (that’s if there’s space in the car). Whatever works for you in the accessories department, you can include.

What other tips would you include in this list? Would love to know!

Until the next time.

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9 Tips to pack for a Winter Weekend