Karoo Pride En Route 62

Karoo Pride En Route 62

After a few grueling weeks, both work and personal, I can’t even explain how excited I was when an invitation to stay at Karoo Pride en Route 62 landed in my inbox and all I said was yes, I’ll be there.

During winter, you’ll hardly find me on the road because a) it’s cold, and b) no one wants to leave their bed. However, the sun came out to play in the Klein Karoo of Montagu and we were all about to explore the accommodation along the infamous Route 62.

Karoo Pride En Route 62

Driving from Cape Town, it’s 202 km; about two and a half hours along the N1 taking you through various small towns like Rawsonville, Robertson, and Ashton with many farm stall stops and an exceptionally large variety of bespoke wineries to check out on the journey. The Stop and Go is a big thing in the Western Cape; often with standstill times of 20-30 minutes but with landscapes make up for the long waits.

After a few breaks; many of which were made for my mother, trying to find her dried fruit, we made it to Karoo Pride – hidden from civilizations eye view to trek on the 2 km journey on a gravel road.

Karoo Pride En Route 62

Karoo Pride

It’s one of those places that is all about natural beauty with landscapes as far as the eye can see but perfect for people like me who needs a full-blown digital detox because there’s virtually no signal. It’s rustic, child-friendly and offers many activities for families to enjoy.

The hosts, Tiffany and Rocco welcomes you and discusses what we can expect from the place like the exclusive game room to the pool to the various hiking trails and, so much more. The farm used to be called Ravenna but under new management is now known as Karoo Pride.

Karoo Pride En Route 62

Thorn tree Cottage

They have eight different self-catering cottages that sleep two, four and five people which is quite ideal if you planning on doing a trip with a large group. Placed at Thorn Tree, we had the pool on our doorstep; not to mention a magnificent outlook of Barrydale koppies.

The cottage boasts two spacious bedrooms, a large braai area, a dining room with a fireplace, a little kitchen with all the basics, and a bathroom with both a shower and bath but with the drought, you can only make use of the shower.

Karoo Pride En Route 62Karoo Pride En Route 62Karoo Pride En Route 62Karoo Pride En Route 62

What all to do at Karoo Pride

If you’re looking to unwind, block out everything and anything and just spend time with your loved one with no interruptions, then Karoo Pride is definitely your best getaway.

Karoo Pride offers a range of activities from hiking on four of their outlined routes, bird watching for bird lovers, cycling along paved trails and child-friendly playgrounds for the little ones.

There are also many activities outside of Karoo Pride. One of which is the MWS Bistro; 5 minutes away from the accommodation. It’s been newly renovated for the last five months and caters for breakfast and lunch as well as a comprehensive wine tasting which we did.

Karoo Pride En Route 62

Another place to visit is Barrydale; 36 km from Karoo Pride. Our stop was at Barrydale Cellars which is situated once you come into the quaint town. An exciting thing on their menu is the Brandy pairing along with some beer tastings followed by pizza for lunch. All in that order. The setting is incredible for a small town and the weather played in our favour. Sit outside and enjoy the river flowing aside the cellar. 

Karoo Pride En Route 62

What I disliked about our cottage

There were a number of issues with our cottage. One of which that it wasn’t well-maintained. It’s an old structure but had huge cracks in the wall, the plaster was peeling and had huge bubbles; indicating the dampness.

The cottage is rather cold. It was humid outside but once you step inside, the coldness is evident. The wall heater didn’t work at all as well as the electric blanket. Being in nature in the midst of winter, the extra blankets were so thin, we were freezing. I suggest adding a few fleece blankets during these cold months.

Another slight concern we had is that the cottage is attached to the main house. Not that that is an issue but we heard every conversation, nonsenses, and sounds which is not ideal if you coming to relax.

Karoo Pride En Route 62

Besides the few concerns, Karoo Pride is located in a prime area secluded for the busy city life; making it the perfect farm life vacation for everyone to enjoy. The fact that it has activities for both the adults and kids is a great plus so you’ll never get bored.

Make sure to watch the true South African sunset across the Klein Karoo. It’s gorgeous and a sight not to be missed.

For more information on the accommodation, visit their website here: http://karoopride-route62.co.za/

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Till the next adventure.

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Karoo Pride En Route 62