6 Tips to be a Great Travel Passenger

6 Tips to be a Great Travel Passenger

You may not know this but I’m a travel blogger who hates driving so I’m always going to be the passenger on road trips.

As a passenger, you have serious responsibilities. It’s not about having a shotgun and staring out the window while the driver does all the hard labour of getting you from point A to point B. You are responsible to keep the driver safe, happy, and entertained.

6 Tips to be a Great Travel Passenger

Here are my ultimate tips of keeping the driver in check and tips to being an awesome shotgunner:

1. Be Alert

It can be annoying but equally important. The driver’s main job is to focus on the road ahead and may not be alert to the dangers that surround him or her so it’s the passengers’ job to alarm the driver of any accidents, traffic officers, or any dangerous potholes they might not be aware of.

2. Make sure to pull over

We all headstrong about arriving at our destination as soon as possible but it’s vital that the driver stops every 2 hours. It doesn’t have to be for long periods. It’s to allow the driver to stretch the legs and arms and, get something to eat and drink before going back onto the long road. Don’t let the driver still argue with you about this – make it clear that it’s necessary.

6 Tips to be a Great Travel Passenger

3. Have snacks on hand

Before going on the road, ask the driver what he or she favourite snacks are, this way he or she won’t nag that you haven’t included some of their ideal items. Make sure to have a small cooler bag in front with you for easier access to any requested items he or she might ask for.

6 Tips to be a Great Travel Passenger

4. Be the DJ

The main focus for the driver is the road so it’s important that the passenger controls the music selection. Luckily, we have a tiny remote that I’m able to control the music genre and the driver just says to skip the song or not. Don’t allow the driver to distract him or herself with having to control the radio as well.

5. You the navigator

Many of us don’t own a dashboard navigator so we often rely on our phones using Google Maps. Ensure that you (the passenger) manages the directions at all times; making sure to tell the driver where the exits are, and that the driver stays far away from any devices as possible.

6 Tips to be a Great Travel Passenger

6. No dozing

Just because you’re not driving doesn’t mean it’s your time to be taking a nap. You need to stay awake and keep the driver entertained even if you tired. My motto is if the driver can’t sleep then you can’t either.

7. Stay buckled

This rule doesn’t only apply to the driver but to the passengers too. Many think that because they are not the driver or are in the back seat that they do not need to wear their seat belt — they do. Stay safe and stay buckled in.

Drivers and passengers alike are responsible for being safe on the roads. While passengers (like myself) aren’t physically behind the wheel, we can distract the driver and put ourselves in harm’s way.

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Till the next adventure.

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6 Tips to be a Great Travel Passenger