Bird’s Paradise, Robertson

After our boat ride at Kolgan’s Restaurant Boat, we took a 20 minute drive to Robertson where we were told to visit Bird’s Paradise. 

After finally getting some sort of signal, we managed to find the place; situated along a long stretch of road. It looked like a school upon arrival. The walkway and driveway takes you on a pleasant journey through hundreds of palms trees which makes you believe that you on your way to some exotic island.


Birds Paradise is an absolute must for animal lovers or, more specifically, bird watchers. With more than a hundred species such as Macaws, Hyacins, Conures, Pelicans and lots of waterfowl it is truly an unforgettable experience. Birds from Australia to Peru, Central-America to Africa and Asia to Northern Wales all made Birds Paradise their home. Walking in-between the cages housing exotic birds, monkeys, swans, and many more animals, it was nothing sort than mesmerizing to know that their is such an array of bird species.

While we were strolling and watch thousands of birds, we came upon a parrot who funny enough kept chanting Courtney’s name. Then when Courtney wanted to grab his food (he shouldn’t have), he flipped his wings and started laughing at us. It was the most hilarious scene to go through!


Until the next adventure.