You need a break with Afristay

We all sit and daydream. Daydream when work will be over, when is the next public holiday or in my case, daydream for a holiday where I can put up my feet and do nothing. 

South Africa is the nation known to overwork. We deprived of sleep, relaxation and of not taking care of ourselves. We miss many events and social gatherings because we simply are too exhausted to even put pants on when the weekend arrives. But even when we’re exhausted, we have to take care of the household and the kids.

This is when exhaustion really begins to sets in, along with mood and body symptoms, for example, irritability, tearfulness, and inexplicable aches and pains, headaches and digestive issues. Your performance starts to drop and mistakes occur due to fatigue, poor concentration, and poor memory. I know these symptoms all too well.

We all need a break. Yes, you do. And that’s what annual leave is there for. To avoid being burnt out.

I hear so many people, my parents’ included say they just can’t take time off. A deadline is looming. A client needs this proposal on this date. We can’t go now. The timing isn’t right.

So when is it the right time to take care of your well-being? When you’re falling ill? Past out of overtiredness? When you suffer from fatigue? We have too many excuses.

You need a break

With Afristay, they make booking a holiday easy, simple, quick and hassle-free so there’s no need to go through agencies or complicated travel sites to book your perfect getaway. Previously known as AccommDirect, Afristay has over 20 000 holiday listings; making it the ideal site to book a retreat anywhere in South Africa, and beyond its borders.

All you need to do is decide on the destination and the dates and, thousands of listings appear along with what it will cost. It allows you the option to choose your price range, what type of accommodation type you prefer and, what you would like to have included.

Once you’ve nailed down where you’d like to stay, it provides you with all the necessary information such as the property information, what you can do in the area, images of the various cottages and most importantly, where it’s located.

There are no hidden costs, the payment options are incredible and if you’re stuck, their Support desk is willing to help immediately.

I’m putting in my annual leave as we speak and booking a getaway with Afristay. Are you putting in yours?

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored but my opinions are my own.

Until the next adventure.

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