A night at Zen Guesthouse

Perched high up on the kloof of Jeffrey’s Bay, there’s no better way than to sleep in a place with a luxurious view with the sound of waves crashing against the rocks while you fall asleep.

Pulling up at our next living quarters, pretty much exhausted from the driving, the hot weather and our lunch we had along the shore at Dolphins Point, there was nothing more we wanted to do then get out the car and nap for a few hours before gallivanting for supper later on.

Pressing the buzzer to the complex, dogs began to bark and Courtney stayed put in the drivers seat, saying through the car window, “I love you but if the dogs come running, I’m not sure I’ll be able to protect you”– This is the same person I’m going to marry in a few months and saying that to me while standing bare feet on a strangers stoep is not what you want to say at a woman who’s already weary. I have no energy to even answer back.

Liesl, our eccentric host came to the wooden gate, peeped through and asked if we could park at the other gate in order to get in. We humbly obeyed while I stood at the second gate for her to open. “You staying in my Penthouse?”, Liesl asked. “I guess I am”, I responded.

The path to the Penthouse is a narrow wooden bridge leading up to the room. “Don’t worry. The dogs are down below and they won’t be bothering you. They stay with me inside”. It was as if Liesl read our minds because I was about to ask about her pets.

We, not dog people. I suppose you gathered that part already.

Before you enter into the room, on your right you will find some kitchen essentials like a stove plate, a microwave, and a few crockeries. However, since we were only staying one night, those items remained in its place.

The room is spacious and big enough for us to enjoy. A table and four bright colour chairs stood in front of us once we opened the door. A few meters ahead lay two single beds placed together with some towels neatly rolled up as well as a television with all the DSTV channels to choose from.

But wait, there’s more!

Let’s open the balcony doors up despite the wind howling like crazy. Hooking the hinges up, we stood on the patio and starred out into the ocean. The ocean is beautiful; a place where your thoughts run wild and where you want to stay forever.

Standing a few minutes, refreshing our minds, we closed the door and explored the bathroom. Yes, the restroom that had a tube which overlooked the sea. It felt untainted. Like we belonged to be here. So I threw myself a bath and starred out into the big ocean of nothingness as the sun began to set.

I hope the neighbours can’t see. That would be awkward.

Time to get dress and pick a place to dine for supper. But before you do that, take a look around. You might find some personal touches. These canvases are artistic in its own right and capture Jeffrey’s Bay perfectly.

Next morning already? Wow! Time surely does fly. That cycle again of packing up, cleaning up and moving all our things to the car while we say our goodbyes to our home for the night and to Jeffrey’s Bay.

Travel Tips

Getting there: Definitely by car to 10 Mimosa Street, Wavecrest. Port Elizabeth Airport is the closet if you’re coming from another city or country.

Must-see sights: Super Tube beach is just below the accommodation. Take a stroll down to the shore while watching some surfers.

Shop up a storm: Pepper Street is the ideal place to pop into Surfs Art and there’s a restaurant as well to dine at.

Websites to visit: Book your next stay at Zen Guesthouse. There are four different options to choose from when it comes to staying there.

Until the next adventure.

Stephanie Marthinus Blog