Where is your next secret African destination?

I’m bless to live in one of the 54 African countries we have and everyday I’m amazed by it’s landscapes, nature and beauty. It’s no wonder we spoilt for choice but where to next? 

As Rudyard Kipling once said, “One cannot resist the lure of Africa.”  It’s true. There is nowhere quite like Africa. From its unparalleled beauty to its teeming cities, you have to experience it yourself at least once to understand.

I have yet to explore the magic of other countries and only ever travelled in South Africa itself yet I linger and ache to pack my bags and venture off to one of Africa’s wonders; constantly inspired by others who’ve seen what I wish to see myself but how to choose?

Now that I’m engaged and looking for honeymoon destinations, Travelstart – one of Africa’s largest online travel booking websites came up with this awesome quiz: Which African country do you secretly want to explore? and it was so much fun to do!

So which African country do I secretly want to explore?

My result came as no surprise because I’ve been looking at flights for three different countries recently. Of course it is Morocco! Middle Eastern cuisine , exploring the Fes, visiting the breathtaking Saharan sandscape desert. Not forgetting to visit Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. Aaah! I can picture me there already.

The description of my results said:

“It is your adventurous spirit, desire for unique experiences, and profound curiosity about life and people that compel you to travel. You are deeply passionate, enchantingly eccentric, and much like Morocco, anything but ordinary.”

It’s as though it knew exactly where I wanted to travel. But there are so many other African countries on my radar such as Namibia and Kenya that is high on my list. So why not dream a little and take the quiz to see where you secretly want to explore.

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DISCLAIMER: This post is in collaboration with Travelstart but the opinions are my own.

Until the next adventure.