Reasons to visit Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay is a coastal resort hidden in the middle of two popular destinations: Wilderness and Storms River. But why should you visit it?

Leaving Wilderness and making a stop in Knysna, it was time to drive onto the N2 which had now become the only road we familiarised with since the beginning of the journey.

Still gobsmacked at how outstretched this route really is; it’s making me wonder how far I can push our crazy travels.

Plettenberg Bay otherwise known as ‘Plett’ is a sleepy town during the non-tourist months (Nov-Dec when Matriculates come to celebrate the end of High School).

Wealthy holidaymakers flock to this playground during the festive time with dozens of mansions grounded on the steep cliffs overlooking the sea.

Its main attraction is, of course, the beautiful beaches and we were saddened that the weather did a complete 360 on us the minute we descended.

Was it maybe because we were arriving? Mmmmm. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth exploring this town:

1. It retains to its relaxed style making it an ideal holiday destination to sit back and unwind. Wouldn’t love a town that’s not crowded? Don’t go during December unless you enjoy crowded spaces with thousands of teenagers around you.

2. The town only has three popular beaches namely Robberg, Lookout and Central. We only toured Central beach since it began raining the minute we parked our car. However, the views of the rigged mountain landscapes and blue waters gave us hope that during the Summer, its where I would like to place my beach towel and doze off in the sun.

3. Food is what we live for and since we were on the beach front, seafood is on our menu. Mobys came highly recommended. We ordered our hake and chips along with a few cold ones. Not going to lie, the food and service were great! The menu is a tad bit overpriced compared to many we’ve eaten at but worth a visit regardless.

4. Because of the weather pulling a fast one on us, we were unable to do a hike at Robberg Nature Reserve. It provides spectacular views of steep cliffs and the sandy beaches. Hopefully, the weather will be kind enough for us to do the trail when we return.

5. Accommodation is a bit overpriced and I struggled to find budget-friendly resorts but don’t let this hinder your search. I found a one-night minimum stay at Typhoon Terrace; 8 minutes away from Central Beach which was perfect for our trip. Say hi to John, our host.

The place is fully equipped with all the essentials. Interesting fact: They had no doors in the rooms which we found odd because it made the rooms feel cold. Other then that, it was within a reasonable budget and accommodated everything we were looking for.

6. There are plenty of restaurants to dine at or simply have a cocktail by. Even if popular restaurants are crowded, there are others that can accommodate you.

7. We were told that whales (in season) and dolphins cruise the waters between white sandy beaches and the plunging cliffs of the Tsitsikamma Mountains. Another reason to book your trip.

Weary weather aside, Plettenberg Bay or Plett wasn’t what we expected since I had high hopes after doing extensive research to stay here. Sometimes some towns don’t resonate with you regardless of the countless amount of posts and articles you read. However, even with the letdown feeling we experienced, it still possesses many qualities for a town worthy to be explored. Maybe in a few years when we come back, I might think a little bit different.

Travel Tips

When to go: During the Summer months (October to March) but there’s nothing wrong with visiting during Winter too. If you are unsure, contact them on +27 (0)44 533 4065.

Getting there: A good old road trip is great. The nearest airport is George Airport.

Value for money: It’s a bit overpriced in terms of food and accommodations compared to surrounding towns but not too expensive.

Must-see sight: There are many! But Robberg Nature Reserve is an absolute must as well as Monkeyland and visiting Crags Elephant Sanctuary.

Where to eat: There’s plenty of restaurants along the coast as well as cafes, taverns and seafood diners.

Find out more: Go to for more information on the Park and what activities are on offer.

Until the next adventure.

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