Discover the seaside Mossel Bay and its surroundings (Part 1)

Discover the seaside Mossel Bay and its surroundings in only 4 days (Part 1)

34.1747° S, 22.0834° E – Explore is such a beautiful verb so here are the coordinates for your next vacation. Venture off and explore it all.

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Being the Small Town Matters woman, it’s rather embarrassing to say that if a town doesn’t feature in some exclusive travel magazine or plastered all over my social media platforms, it simply goes unnoticed. Probably why Mossel Bay never quite stood out for me when planning my small town adventures. It’s weird, isn’t it? That a town situated along the famous Garden Route is merely seen as just another town. Where some people live, close to the sea and only recognized as a pit-stop destination.

Disgusting, I would say. As travelers, we do that, don’t we? Overlook places that don’t remotely appear to be appealing or if it doesn’t have that trademark activity, why waste your time even going? I’ve learned over the last few years of traveling, it’s the towns that hardly get mentioned, the ones with many hidden treasures.

And with it only being a throw stone away from Cape Town (384 kilometers), Mossel Bay is living life slowly. So slowly that I was unaware it’s the Point of Human Origins, has the finest adrenaline activities around, tons of unspoiled beaches and lagoons and, undoubtedly the best little finds that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

So I suggest you grab a pen and joint down this holiday itinerary in Mossel Bay and it’s surroundings:

You’ve got to eat, right?

If there’s one thing Mossel Bay and it’s surroundings like Groot-Brak, Ruitersbos, Friemersheim, Hartenbos, and even Klein-Brak is not short of, is the abundance of eateries and coffee breweries. And boy, did we have a feast of selections.

Have lunch at Ilita Lodge; overlooking Groot-Brak. Not only do they have a great variety of foods, but they also have self-catering lodges for you to stay at which makes it an ideal win-win.

Get a bomo experience for dinner with traditional African foods prepared on the open fire at Hotel Portao Diaz in D’Almeida. From pap, meat, sweet corn, rooster brood, chicken feet, etc to live entertainment such as gumboot dancing, singing and drumming, you in for quite an African treat. If you looking for a real authentic experience in the area such as guided tours, speak with Tertius for more information.

A cup a day (or more), keeps the doctor away so grab a cup at The Blue Shed Coffee Roastery in Mossel Bay. They surely are one of the many coffee experts in town so if you a caffeine addict like me, then you at the right place. Find a spot in the sun and discover the array of blends in a single cup. Don’t be shy to add a few eats off the menu. Their chicken sandwich was a favourite light meal.

Feel like a drive to Klein-Brak to stare at the Outeniqua Mountains? Pay a visit to Bellevue restaurant at Botlierskop Game Reserve which originally was The Bellevue School. It’s now a beautiful and eco-friendly establishment with a very trendy atmosphere. The menu comprises of sumptuous items from pizza, meat and curry dishes to sandwiches and kid meals. The butter-chicken curry is insanely good while you have an ostrich gazing in the background. Nothing like a luxury safari dining experience and, it’s child-friendly.

Family-friendly restaurants are what we like and Visgraat in Groot-Brak has exquisite views of Glentana beach. Other than the beach landscapes is stunning food! I say stunning because we were basically in a food coma from the starters already; being the calamari stripes. Try their Lamb shank with mash potato as your main and work your way to malva pudding and custard for dessert. You’ll be full until the next day!

One of the many seafood places in Mossel Bay and the best I’ve had is Sea Gypsy on Quay 4 situated right on the harbour; overlooking the entire ocean. The aroma of seafood could be smelt even before parking your car so you’ll certainly be drawn in. Sit outside, stare out at sea and have their deliciously fishy calamari burger! If you have any space left, I suggest you have a hot mud pudding with ice cream. You bound to add a few kilos.

Another great eating spot is Cafe Gannet; situated right next to the shoreline. Say hello to Janine and browse through the wide menu. Whether you’re just coming in for dinner or a quick cocktail, you can’t go wrong with dining here. Order the ostrich escapade – you certainly will have fun, by the way, it’s served. And mind you, it’s out of this world.

Where to stay

Throughout our 4 day stay, we stayed at 29 Columba in Groot-Brak. With 8 spacious bedrooms; each with its own unique view of Groot-Brak and mountain landscapes, it’s a phenomenal holiday rest. It has a communal kitchen and living area as well as a lovely open garden. Sit on the wooden bench that faces the lagoon and listen to the love of nature.

Marlize, the host and her French poodle are absolutely gracious. You can either have a full breakfast included or, simply do self-catering: whichever suits you best.

There are many places to stay at so pay the tourism website a visit and select from a range of establishments that can suit your Mossel Bay getaway.

There’s definitely no shortage when it comes to food options. It’s literally food paradise hidden in this small town. If you’re looking for a much broader variety, make sure to visit the Visit Mossel Bay website for more.

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