48 hours in Greyton

We all looking for a bit of tranquility and stillness when planning a vacation and that’s exactly what Greyton will serve you.

Nestled against the mountains of the Overberg, the town of Greyton is charming, sophisticated with a perfect blend of tranquility.

This fascinating town is only a two-hour drive from Cape Town and it’s hard to imagine how a town like Greyton can provide you with such a serene atmosphere and that slow pace of life all in one setting.

You will immediately notice the sounds of birds, horses roaming around, and the abundance of oak trees. Not to mention the bustling main road with tons of restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops.

Here are a few things to do and see if you only have a brief 48 hours in Greyton.

Fiore Garden Centre

We stumbled upon this nursery facing the Sonderend Mountains in search of food and little did we know that behind the white building is a magnificent nursery but a place to order food as well.

They have an array of dishes from breakfast and lunch but the pizzas for dinner are a must. You can definitely do a takeaway or sit amongst the oasis of the garden. While you’re waiting, walk along the many pathways and take in nature’s scent. You definitely will walk away with a plant or two.

www.fioregardencentre.com | 028 254 9750

Walk around the town

Greyton is a laidback town with that countryside atmosphere so it’s an ideal area to walk about. It’s also known for its horse clattering about along the iconic oaks trees or on the roads.

Take in the slow pace of life along the sidewalks and, watch how the scenery changes with the light. There are a ton of cafes, lifestyle shops, and quirky artwork to be seen. You won’t get bored exploring Greyton.

Vanilla Cafe

It looks tiny from the outside but the minute you step in, there’s a delightful garden section to enjoy your food at. Not only is it child-friendly but it’s a spot you’ll lounge the day away with lots of seating options.

Whether you there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, try The Greyton Burger with spicy tomato relish, fried onions, rocket, tomato & mature cheddar cheese served with French fries.

www.vanillacafe.co.za | 028 254 9453

1854 Restaurant

Situated on Main street, 1854 gives off that biker pub restaurant feels. With the seating covered by marquees and a cosy area inside too, it’s a lekker establishment to dine at.

The main has a full range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with a large drinking menu if you feel like a beverage with your meal. Sometimes they have live bands so make sure to check their website and schedule your vacation around any of their events.

www.1854restaurant.co.za | 082 929 0938

Laidback @ The Oak & Vigne Café

Nothing quite like a laidback cafe housed in a beautiful heritage building to have breakfast at.

With that rustic charm and easy setting, Laidback @ The Oak & Vigne Cafe is the perfect spot to have breakfast with a full view of the Sonderend Mountains if you choose to sit outside. Take a peek inside and find interesting decor pieces and unique finds.

www.greytontourism.com/restaurant/the-oak-vigne-cafe/ | 082 829 4857

Where to Stay

Greyton is one of many popular towns so there is plenty of accommodations that will suit your pocket.

4 on Regent is a beautiful cottage on the owners’ property yet very secluded with a garden right next door. This open floor establishment is ideal if you plan to base your trip on activities rather than spend your days lounging inside.

With a large private patio, a queen-sized bed, a quaint bathroom, a fireplace if days are cold, and a little kitchenette, it’s certainly a place worth relaxing while you enjoy the birdlife that surrounds this area.


I see why so many tourists and locals alike come back time and time again to this little village called Greyton. It’s a place to unwind that’s tucked away against the Overberg mountains.

A place where people and horses roam freely.

A place with rolling fields and birds chirping about.

A place with an abundance of little cafes, restaurants and, interesting shops. A place I’m certainly coming back to.

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Till the next small town.

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