2 hours in the charming Matjiesfontein

There’s something about small towns that really seem to get my travel juices flowing but what get’s me really rallied up is a pit stop to rejuvenate before heading to wherever the next destination might be. 

Even better when it’s a town stuck in time.

The charming Matjiesfontein lies just off the N1 past Touwsriver en route to Laingsburg, in the Klein Karoo. However, we came the other way round slipping past Lainsburg; a town yet to step foot in.

Whizzing through the postcard-worthy, timeless street, with strings of white-washed Victorian-era houses, there’s no way you can’t be awe-stricken.

Founded in 1884 by a Scottish railwayman named James Douglas Logan who built these historical buildings for the wealthy. It has now been declared a National Heritage site and, I see why.

Take a slow walk down the street and pop into the old Post Office; filled with so many history books and gifts. The floors creak as you step on the wooden floors, retaining to its character.

Refreshments are needed in this intense heat we experience. It’s not even Summer.

Mind you, there’s The Coffee House serving light meals and cold drinks. Great for families with its wanderings through their outside garden.

Don’t you just love the old, rustic petrol pumps? Definitely giving me nostalgia.

After indulging in their toasted cheese and ham sandwich, we walked the street a little further. What’s over there?

The infamous train station. Unfortunately, the Marie Rawdon Museum housed at the station was closed which carries old vintage collectibles but that didn’t stop us from walking along with the platform.

Parked right outside is the Red London Bus. It cannot be missed. Wish I could take a ride in it but I do hear that it provides one with a tour of the village. Will have to come back for just that.

Let’s just leisure the town a bit more. Fascinating quaint little village; sticking to it’s on identity and heritage.

Walking a tad bit further you will find the infamous Lord Milner Hotel; the house that James had lived in with his wife, Emily. It’s now a beautiful hotel filled with antiques. Many bikers come to relax here for an ice cold beer.

If you looking for a place for the night, be sure to stay here. Contact them on 023 561 3011.

Yet even in the middle of nowhere, it’s truly worthy of a visit, even if you’re just passing through, even if just for an hour or two.

With a town this small, here are a few attractions to explore:

  • Laird’s Arms Pub: Drink a pint in the pub from a bygone era. The Barman has interesting stories to tell.
  • Pink Church: Built-in 1960 – taking you back in time.
  • Court House and Jail: Find out why notorious Commandant Gideon Scheepers got convicted for his many crimes.

Until the next adventure.

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