Napier? Is that even a town? Don’t feel offended! I too could kick myself ever-so-often for not knowing the town of never-ending fields of wheat and barley. Continue reading

Alluring towns with a rich heritage make the drive up all the more special, especially since it’s the third oldest town in South Africa. Continue reading

If you looking to do something out of the ordinary besides staying at luxury apartments and hotels then I’ll definitely recommend you try something called Glamping (modern camping). Continue reading

I was born and breed a Moravian since the day of my existence. I visited this tiny town back in 2010 during my confirmation camp; only this time I wanted to explore this quaint little historical village known as Genadendal which means Valley of Grace.

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This festive break, I spent most of my time lounging around on the beach, enjoying the sun baking on my back and basically eating sand seeing that Cape Town is a full blown sand machine. Continue reading

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