We Glamping with Africamps

If you looking to do something out of the ordinary besides staying at luxury apartments and hotels then I’ll definitely recommend you try something called Glamping (modern camping).

Since my younger primary school days, camping was never a foreign concept to me. Yet when I mentioned it to Courtney that we try either than self-catering lodges, he simply brushed me off – not bothering to at least attempt the outdoors.

Africamps came to the rescue by using words such as glamping; the modernized version of camping and knew this was what I should propose to him.

After our fun-filled day in Barrydale, we drove through Tradouw Pass passing a small town known as Suurbraak and onto the N2 to our destination, Africamps.

Africamps is a relatively new accommodation with three different lodgings in Robertson, Swellendam, Oudtshoorn and one being built in Standford.

Turning off from the N2, making our entrance to our newly awaited lodging, we realised that the drive up to our holiday was going to be rocky; a 5km gravel road awaited us that could potentially damage our little Corsa and, there’s no turning back. While we braced the drive through dusty and pothole terrain, the landscape scenery made up for the bumpy road.

Luxury Camping

As we pulled up to our luxury tent, Courtney openly said, “I thought this was a house” – This is where I bow my head in shame as Carmen, our host opened up the tent and showed us around; explaining all the amenities and how to use it.

The camping site was as luxurious as it can get with all the basic essentials and more. It had everything from a gas stove, microwave, crockery and cutlery to an air conditioner, a comfortable bed which we stayed in for as long as we could the next morning and even a cute fireplace. I think the most shocking moment was the amazing bathroom with its brass tapes and spacious shower.

It’s an open plan set up with a long seated dining room table and metal chairs, a lounge area and an extra bedroom seeing that it can accommodate up to 5 people. The veranda is facing mother nature in the best way with mountain landscapes and hectares of forestry; while frogs and birds echo in the background.

Closing the tent was a challenge. Seeing that both Courtney and I were short in height, we had to stand on a chair to zip it up and down as well as to close the netted windows. Then something happened. The zip came loose. By loose I mean it came off. We both stared at each other hoping that this incident did not just happen to us. After we just finished preparing supper, we called the number given to us in the folder and they came to our rescue – Luckily, we were told that this happens often so it wasn’t a big deal.

Our Favourite Part

With a panorama view of the Langeberg Mountains and surrounded by wine-lands, nature and diverse creatures, tranquility was on our side. The mist rolled over the landscape of the mountain; exposing the elements of unruly beauty of nature. We sat on the wooden stools with a hot cup of coffee in hand and starred out into the openness.

When night fell, supper time consisted of a typical braai. I love that it was private and closed off to others instead of it being open to the public. The sky illuminated into various variations of orange as the sun set behind the mountain and you watch in awe while the goose went about their business, picking away at the grass.

What to do there

There’s so much to do there. However, based our schedule, we couldn’t fully make use of the facilities which was a bummer but hopefully next time we will take advantage of it. Here’s a list of the activities available:

  • Play mini putt-putt
  • Try the pools with its water slides
  • Either hire or bring your own canoe, trekking down the Breede River
  • Relax with fishing
  • Be a kid again and climb the jungle gyms

If you go: Africamps

Where: Driving on the N2 highway towards Swellendam take the turn-off where the sign says Africamps. Follow for the 5km gravel road and follow the signs to the campsite.

When: any time of the year. The possibility of rainfall should be expected between May and September.

How: If you’d like to stay at any of the Africamps sites, Email hello@africamps.com or call 063 170 4222 for pricing and availability. Visit their website here: http://www.africamps.com/

Cost: Africamps per night for two guests costs R990.00.

Until the next adventure.

Stephanie Marthinus Blog